Watch Out Aussies

Last Update: December 06, 2019

Watch Out Aussies

I just received an email from paypal with a button to click to update my "informations". Yeah not Subtle difference that I didn't spot at first. But the email looked "off".

As usual, I used my browser to log into my PayPal account. Never, ever, click on buttons in emails unless you're absolutely certain that the email is legit.

No messages at PayPal so I knew that the email was a phishing scam.

I've reported this to and forwarded the email to and

Don't get caught, Aussie friends. Clicking that button could have let the scammers capture my PayPal password.

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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Marion,

That was good you caught those scammers. I am an Aussie living abroad so it does not affect me. Imagine just before the holidays' people go shopping and discover their account is empty. That would be really awful. Thank you for the warning.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Kamfar Premium
Thank you Marion to share it.
Now is the season for these type of scams. Always before Christmas, they try to send you link , email or even call to verify your ID and account. Try to not login to your accounts when you are in open-WiFI area. Use you cell data or from your home secure wifi.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Wow, good instincts Marion! Thanks for alerting us to this type of scam, it may affect Aussies directly, but this goes on all over the works.

Big Tip Off: Not only was "informations" a poor usage of English grammar, there are many article words missing in the letter (i.e., a, the, etc).
WandaSantiag Premium
Thanks for the tip. I got scammed this way on my laptop regarding a Microsoft breach and like an ignorant fool, I fell for it. Thank God my friends in IT at NJCU fixed it. I just couldn't get access to anything on the hard drive, Good thing I back up everything into Google..
chrisyohn Premium Plus
The phishing scams drive me bonkers up a wall. I feel bad for folks who have lost everything over these types of link scams. Heck, even clicking some links puts all your personal information out there for everyone to see and steal. It's awful.

Stay vigilant when visiting new sites or receiving emails my friends.