It Isn't Me! It's an Impostor

Last Update: November 19, 2019


Facebook has stepped in and removed the bogus account already. That was fast.


I just received a private message to let me know that someone is impersonating me on Facebook and Messenger. They're sending spam/scam private messages.

I just checked the link I was given and they've stolen my profile photo and even my Facebook cover image was uploaded to their page about 4 hours ago.

I've reported it to Facebook Community Standards but I don't know what else to do.

Please, folks, if you get any messages or anything from Facebook pretending to be me please ignore it. My real Facebook is

and my page is

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Debs66 Premium
I got the real you. Haha, so the fakers can just jog on lol.
Thank you for the heads-up Marion.

Happy you got this sorted.

Pain in the butt these scammers. We soon have them sorted all thanks to people like you that share what these scammers are up to.

Have a lovely weekend.

Debs 🤗🙌💃
JustAPerson Premium
Very glad FB got on it fast.

What on earth goes through people's heads to do these kind of things?

It's so odd isn't it? That people can do things like this with seemingly no real consequences.

Sometimes the world just doesn't make a lot of sense. I hear of people... good people... like some members here who tried to do the right thing and simply used an image on their site they thought was fine to use... they get in serious trouble for it.

And here we have someone intentionally performing identity theft on FB including stealing someone's images... and what... they are told make your own account! ???

Actually even in the case of someone using images that were supposed to be fine to use but weren't... that was also someone else stole some image(s) and uploaded them to sites as being okay to use.

Sometimes I just think something is very messed up with how things work. It's like the real "bad" people have no consequences and the good people do.

/end of mini rant and pondering thoughts
DaveSw Premium
Wow, I have heard of this happening but you are the first person I know that has gone through this! This is really terrible...

Glad that FB has cleared it up so fast, now if they could do the same with the gazillion other fake accounts out there!

Cheers and thanks for the heads up!

Dave : )
Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Marion,

I am very sorry to hear your issue but very pleased to hear that it has been fixed. It never fails to amaze me what people will try and do!

I quite often see people copying profiles on Twitter, I always report them immediately and they are generally taken down quite quickly, thankfully.

Wishing you all the best.

BobMargroff Premium
That happens from time to time. There have been three occasions that I can remember that I’ve gotten a Facebook messenger friend request from someone that I already “friends” with.

Usually a scammer. It usually comes in a message or the usual friend request. I unfortunately don’t realize it until after I accept it. That’s when I check my friends list to see if they are still a Facebook friend and send them a message with their older profile.

Depending on what response I get, I report the new friend request to Facebook Community Standards as you did on behalf of my friend. As they do too.

It always seems to get sorted out in the end. Sorry this happened to you...and also happy you got it fixed as well.

I wish you the best!