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Last Update: Sep 8, 2022

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Yep, I have another post to share ..... and guess what, this may be the most important one I have shared yet!

The information provided is GOLDEN for those who can comprehend what I am going to attempt to explain.

In a previous post, I spoke a small bit about google.

I said : This is the number one rule, I have found, to work with google IF you want to be ranked well! (rule is below)

Now you may be saying "Well Maria, who cares what you think or say about this?" and my reply to that would be "Um, I guess you don't, so move along, there is nothing for you to see here."

I program, I build websites, I SUCK at graphic design, I am a ghostwriter, I write my own content, I have published several books, and I am an amateur videographer. With all of these things, I simply say "I can do these things, and I do them VERY well".

There is only ONE THING I can say that I am an EXPERT at, and that is SEO (search engine optimization).

I do not need Yoast or any search engine plugin to tell me if my site is google friendly, I've been coding HTML files by hand since long before many here were even born.

Some of the most famous and well-known marketers, have hired me to do work for them, not because I am old, but because I am dang good at what I do.

I have been online since before Google was born. I have watched Google start with baby steps, as it struggled to stay afloat and grow.

I watched it topple giants (back in those days they were literal giants), and I have seen Google rise to where it is today.

I know Google, I have done the Google dance many times, I love the Google dance, it thrills me, it makes my blood roll, I just LOVE to dance with Google.

Am I a nerd, eh, some say so, some call me crazy (ask some of my old pals, they swear I am).

But the fact of the matter is I am a lady who has a very extremely high IQ, this is my handicap.

The reason I call it a handicap, is because most things make me yawn. Most things BORE me to death!

The passion in my life is this, I LOVE A GOOD CHALLENGE!

And Google is constantly feeding my passion, every time I decide to dance!

My lastest challenge was with gaming, I set myself to develop games. This is fun, and programming is awesome (for me anyways), yet NOTHING beats Google when it comes to having a grand challenge.

So, this is why what I am about to share with you, is something you should read, ponder, and consider.

Until now, the blog posts I have shared with everyone here, have not really been much. Just rehashed WA training with the unique Prince Partha (he is such a genius!!!!) twist...albeit a bit faster than some, yet not as fast as others.

But I have not yet shown my best work.

Now, I am going to add some insight of my own. I am going to teach you all, how to dance. We are going to twirl, spin, box step, moonwalk, break dance, twist and turn.

But, before you learn to dance with Google, you must know the NUMBER ONE RULE.

If you break this rule, you are destined to fail. I have seen this happen time and time and time again with people who think they can outsmart Google. Sure, they make a quick buck within a year or so, but then their world comes crashing down with a SINGLE Google update. (I have seen many fall due to this, some to the point of desperation and bankruptcy).

If you are in this to run a business, then you certainly do NOT want your business to fail!

So, the number one rule to keep Google happy is this:

The Rule Is: Provide ALOT of HIGH-QUALITY content that HELPS your site visitors

That's it, that is all, YET there is way more to this than a simple sentence. Many people will read that and say "I already do that".

I will say this if you are reading this post right now to LEARN anything, then nope, you are NOT already doing that.

Because those who are already doing that, have already LEARNED this, and are already making either high 5 figures or more than 6 figures. They do not care what I have to say, because they see it's nothing new to them.

I can rank well on Google without doing a bit of keyword research, simply because I know how to dance. I choose to do my keyword research, mainly because it speeds things up a bit. Why wait for a page to rank well within a year, when it can happen within a month?

If you look at the Better Homes and Gardens website and also look at Amazon and eBay.....you will see one very important thing.

These three sites do not seem to mind very much about keywords! They have so much UGC (user-generated content) that they are literally the bomb!

YET if you look at Ali-Express, you will notice that even tho it has tons and tons of UGC, it does not rank well at all!

You see, Ali-Express provides a ton of low-quality products, with merchants who can't spell, while bogging the site down with useless photos galore (which is way worse than bogging a website down with ads).

I am using these websites as an example, to show that UGC does not make a site rank well, yet sites CAN AND WILL rank well even if they do not focus on keywords.

Now a single one-man operation will never compete with the likes of corporations, so we of course have to use strategies that are suited for our own particular needs.

When you complete your WA training here, I have noticed MANY here skip over bits and pieces of wisdom. They write but did not hear Kyle or Jay say "High-Quality"

They build a website, yet they do not grasp why GeneratePress is the theme recommended for ALL BEGINNERS. They want cutesy, pretty, wowiee lookiiee whatiiee I didiieee, when they should follow the KISS principal instead. This ain't kindergarten.

Yes, I shared a video for PressBook, ONLY because it is like GeneratePress and the other themes I have provided videos for.

All of them look VERY PROFESSIONAL almost right out of the box and are PERFECT for beginners. Heck, Partha has shown that GeneratePress is great even for those who are way beyond "the beginning stage". Not to mention, site speed is awesome when you don't overlag your blog.

So, back to the rule.


You will need to provide ALOT of articles, one a day is a GREAT start. That is better than what most bloggers ever do, so that alone will get you that much further ahead of your competitors.

Yet, if you can do 2 or 3 a day, you will do that much better! But at least 1 a day should be your barebones minimum.

NOW if you are still in the training phase, it's understandable if you can't do but one article per week. But training should be completed within a month.

If you have not completed the training within a month, then there is something wrong. You may be struggling with something, but you have literally THOUSANDS of support people here to help you. Make use of the community help features!

If it's not because you can't comprehend something (some things can be somewhat complex) then I will say you are just being lazy. Lazy people get nowhere FAST.


Your content must be of the HIGHEST quality. This means do not write gibberish that makes no sense just so you can keyword stuff your article. Google knows you have done this, and will mark that against you.

Do not ramble on about anything foolish, or something that is just silly, irrelevant, or just plain stupid. If your content does not offer something for site visitors, then you're screwed. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

I am a prime example when it comes to spelling and grammar. Am I proficient at that? Nah, why should I be? I can spell better than most, and many never even realize there's a typo. That's just the honest truth. My Dyslexia causes me too much heartache to worry about it at my age. I used to worry about it, but now....nah. If I do not get it proofread, then MANY site visitors proofread FREE for me lol.

That's just how much they love me. Ooooor maybe they are being smarmy, either way, they help me....I do not mind if it's out of kindness or spitefulness, it still benefits me.

So if you feel that your English skills are not good enough, think again. WRITE, do your best, and go from there.

Now I will say this, make use of the proofreading offered here in the content writing platform, that is better than none at all.

And another member told me about this service called Grammarly (THANK YOU I forgot who mentioned it to me, it was during live chat one day when chat was rolling!!)

....I still have not looked much into it, but I did install the chrome extension...SOOOOOO if I have booooookkkkuuuussss of errors now, blame it on Grammarly. It says fix this, I fix it, it sometimes even fixes things for me lol. I really am falling in love with my new friend.

Most People Stop Right There

When an article is written, most people stop right there.

Me, nah, I don't. An article is just a structure, a single building block....it's not even a dance step!

Will it rank well? Yep, sure will if you followed the training provided here and actually DID WHAT IT SAYS TO DO.

Will you make money, yep, sure, why wouldn't you? If this method that Kyle and Carson teaches were fake, flawed, silly...they would have been shut down LONG ago.

If you are not making money, it is NOT because this does not work, it's because YOU are doing something terribly wrong!

So you need to look at what you are doing, figure out the problem, and FIX IT

or...be the whiner, give up and quit with a "poor pitiful me, this does not work, I tried for three days and did not make 10,000 dollars yet so this system is a rip-off, I am going to go find something better"

That really is the only two choices you have, "fix it, try again, do better"....or quit.

But back to the dance.....

Google is a company. A rather LARGE company. Can you tell me the thing that made Google number one in a VERY VERY short period of time?

Welp, let me give you a history lesson.....way back in the day when AOL was Queen and Yahoo was King, you could NOT find anything when you did a search unless you rolled and rolled and rolled all the way to page 50.

This is something many people would not do, they would get frustrated, give up, or get horrified.

Why was this you may ask?

Well, I do not remember the year, but I do remember a time when porn ruled, and if you clicked the wrong link you were met with a page that would literally pop-up literally HUNDREDS of porn ads that showed some very...um....let's just say graphic photos.

It was very easy to get a site ranked in the top rankings on these search engines, and worse, AOL and Yahoo did not seem to CARE! Yet many a person got rich almost literally overnight, due to all the porn ads that were flying about (no, I did not do that, I wanted to, but my moral values and ethics prevented me from banking on this trend back then, I found it very detrimental and demeaning to women).

Both AOL and Yahoo got too big for their britches, and now they stumble along .....not being used by many, forgotten by most, and not even known by many more!

Google, on the other hand, started giving what users wanted! When a person searches for something, they want INFORMATION, not sex education!

That is how Google came to be as big as they are. And since they rely on people using their platform, they take their algorithm VERY SERIOUSLY. Way more seriously than I think most people could even dream or imagine.

So, what does a blogger do? DANCE! Dance with Google, woo Google, give Google what it wants...High-Quality content, Yep, got that. Backlinks, yep, got that. HIGH-QUALITY backlinks, opps...messed up on that, let me FIX IT.

There are a slew of things that Google wants, BUT when you learn the dance steps, it will come so naturally that you will gracefully sweep across the dance floor in harmony with Google, no trips, no tangles, no flaws!

If you trip, Google will not mind. Just FIX IT. Now, if you break Googles leg, yep, your dance over.....your site has been banned (don't worry, so long as you do not steal content or try "black hat" methods you won't have to worry much about that...and yes I have broken Googles leg, once (Black Hat...not theft, I do not steal)....I WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN)

When you have put a ton of time and effort into a website, to have it banned in an instant, you learn not to do stupid chit again.

You get that notice, your stomach curls, your heart stops, you grow cold....you throw-up because your 2 grand a week website is no more, well it is there, but it has suffered a tragic horrible, gasping death. Google has FIRED you.

Now on to the next thing:

HELPS your site visitors

Yes, it has been said time and time again that you need to provide information that the site visitor searched for. Answer their question, provide a solution to their problem, and ease their mind.

Now let's sway a bit. If you are not asking your site visitors to leave a comment if they have any questions, then oops. You just missed out on something GRAND!

Because they probably still have questions. MANY will ask in the comments section, where you can later respond, which provides UGC to your article!

You should always have a blurb at the end of your posts, that encourages comments. Ask a Question is a GREAT way to do this!

Are you showing related posts? If not, oops, you are missing something else. If they stay long enough to read your wonderful masterpiece of an article, then guess what, they just might read another article pertaining to the same topic.

Are you getting socially interactive with them? If not, OOPS OOWWIE OUCHERS. In today's day, with today's technology, people want to get to KNOW YOU! How else do you think these influencers are making millions with crazy tik tok videos? They have found a way to reach the masses!

You can do the same with your blog!

All of these things HELP your site vistors.

Now, this is just the beginning of the dance. And where I will stop for now.

There's more to come, later, but right now this is just a very detailed explanation about where I am going with my mad masterpiece.


I will say this for the faint at heart, these steps are NOT NEEDED

You can follow the training here and still make a lucrative income. These steps just take you from good profits to GREAT...and if you will notice, NOT ONCE HAVE I MENTIONED that you will sell anything......

To Dance With Google You MUST Not Sell A Thing!

You may be asking "Well, then how do I make money?"

That's coming up later, basically, you will not SELL anything, but you can always recommend a product that you think will also help solve their problem. If you look at my Survivey blog, I have done this in a couple of places already.

Oh, and another thing, too many ads on a site will deter site visitors, which will make you trip up way more than you will like!

That's all for this post, I'll be sharing the exact way I structure my articles, where each and every one of them dance in harmony, flawlessly, with not only Google but Twitter, Facebook, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Reddit & Instagram

(If you have ANY questions or comments, please post them in the comments section below. I will help you all that I can, and I look forward to hearing from you!)

Yes, that's the kind of wording to put at the end of your posts :)

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This is quite some massive learning. I benefitted a lot. Thanks lots for a job well done.

Thank you, I am very glad that you have gleaned some useful information from it :)

Thank you for this article. Everything written is true.

You are very welcome, I felt that a need for this lengthy explanation would make the next steps of the masterpieces easier to comprehend for some.

It's going to be a great dance!

I am looking forward to more. All of it makes sense to me.

Thank you.


Thank you Alex, it's great to know that it's not too confusing for most!

You have done a great job putting it all together. Your posts are clear and straightforward to me.

I am really enjoying them


Thank you Alex, that means a lot :)

Every single word reigns truth. Let's dance!

Thank you MsKeylee, how is it going with your blog2social? I am still working on my sites, may be another day (or two...maybe 3 🥳 )

I'm working on configuring generated press theme with your tutorial then blog2social since it's been updated. It's not linking to Linkin and my FB and other ones. Lots of work here.

Hahaha, you got a workload! I'll still be here.

Yeah, I am still working to install the plugin on all of the sites lol, was a bit more than I thought it would be but I am up to the task!

Can't wait!

Sound advice, thats why I revamped my ecommerce site. Stripped it down and cleaned it up, so that it moves smoothly.

One by one, I'm checking all of my websites to do the same thing. It all has to do with what Ive learned in the past year or so, that has made a difference.

Yes, follow the training here, stop second-guessing and just do it (inner mantra...grin), and if you don't know or aren't sure, ASK! There are plenty of people here, myself included, that will find the answer for you.

ADHD focus is a double edged sword for me... coupled with a comprehension field built like swiss cheese, I can easily go off the track. However, I tend to drive things into oblivion trying to get it right.

Your explanations are helpful, and easy to keep track, although, my finely tuned brain wants to tace ahead with all of the ideas brought on by new information and concepts...

Long reply, I know...grin.


Rudy, I understand what you are talking about fully. So much to absorb, so much to learn, so much to know.

They have a name for this, it's called "Information Overload" which is something I am starting to get with all of the goodies that Partha is sharing lol.

It's not a bad thing, it just means I need to slow my brain down and let some of it absorb better.

Just as I tell all of you, I have to also tell myself. "There is NO hurry, take your time, it will all come together in the end".

And no worries about long replies ....it's nice to know I am not the only one who loves to chit chat!

Thanks, glad to know I'm not the only one who gets overloaded...lol.

And it is a process that takes some time if you want to do it right the first time...

Chit chat, yep, that's me, too!


No Rudy, the way I feel is if you do not suffer from "Information Overload" at least once, or twice, or heck dozens of times then you are not doing much to increase your knowledge.

I know some people are content with the knowledge they gain here with the basic training. It is of course all one needs to see great success.

Me, I just love to learn and share new things :) It appears you feel the same!

Yep, learning is amazing in the ways that it can widen the scope of your existence. I love to learn!

Information overload can be influenced by the shiny objects, too...grin. I gotta wear shades...grin.


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