The Most Epic & Touching Marketing Move I Have Ever Witnessed

Last Update: March 14, 2020

It is in the news today that Disney is releasing Frozen 2 early on Disney stream, to help families entertained during this Pandemic.

As a mother, I can not wait to watch it tomorrow. As a marketer, I am literally sitting here stunned. I have to say, that this is probably the most brilliant marketing move I have seen ever.

I am sure that Walt would be proud if he were still here with us today, this is really going to brighten a lot of homes this week. What a great way to bring smiles across the globe!

I as a marketer know that many people are jumping on the coronavirus "keyword", it shows in the news, it shows in the search engines.

Most who are writing about the virus, are doing so to sincerely provide helpful information, yet there are still some who are using this to instill fear and despair.

Thankfully I have not noticed any via my searches who are actually trying to use this pandemic as a serious means to "profit" although I am sure there are some who may be doing just that.

I am trying to focus on my work and family, despite the fact that one case has been diagnosed near my area, and I have been "googling" things because my mother recently had a hospital visit to one hospital that has 2 patients confirmed there.

My mother is unwell, so although I do not worry much about my family where I live, my mom does live a good 3.5 hours away, neat Atlanta.

I am not blogging about the virus, I try not to talk about it much, but I did want to share this great news about what Disney is doing to help people everywhere.

Yes, it's a simple cartoon, I know this, but as everyone knows, it's Elsa, Anna and my fave OLAF!

Since most here are affiliate marketers, does anyone see anything that can be learned from this? I see a great lesson here, to strive and find something amazing that you can give, that will benefit everywhere!

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Stanleycmng Premium Plus
I have a boss who told me, "the best time to create value is when people have problems."

This is what you have witness... Most people can afford a movie ticket today. When people are doing well, this action will not be perceived with the same value as now in a crisis. You are right, the leverage is much, much more under today's circumstances.
MariaDale Premium
that's what I an thinking Stanley, if Disney had done this under any other circumstances, it would be viewed as just another awesome thing that Disney has done and quickly forgotten.

But under these circumstances, I believe it will be remembered for many many years to come.
MRRSP Premium
Hey Maria!

This is awesome news ☺️ although ive already seen the movie with with girls I'm glad it's going to be released early! It's an awesome movie and Olaf is extra funny on this one!

Disney may have some new subscribers for this reason! I'm sure so many kids AND parents can't wait to see Frozen 2!

Thanks for sharing some good news when there's so much doom and gloom going on globally.

All the best

P.S. have fun watching Frozen! ☺️
MariaDale Premium
We watched it yesterday, and you are correct, Olaf is hilarious!
MRRSP Premium
I don't want to give any spoilers to other who haven't seen it so I'll keep it short. The part where the kids are making an icicle beard on Olaf and he says "controlling what we can...." It reminds me a lot of the times we are having in the world at this point. I don't know if you know which part I'm talking about but I've watched it so many times now, I'm starting to know it by heart lol
MariaDale Premium
I suspect that part of the movie will become memes before too long lol.
MRRSP Premium
You're right! That hadn't even crossed my mind! ☺️
Isaiah14 Premium
I think one lesson here is to see what you can do as an affiliate marketer to give to others, rather than profit from a situation like this.

I don't want to make light of the situation - but perhaps they could offer at least two-three weeks trial or subscription free for the next few weeks - for the sake of those who may go into self quarantine.

I think that would be worth it, even if it costs their bottom line a little.

Thanks for the post Maria
Isaiah 😊
MariaDale Premium
Isaiah, you are correct, giving is a very important key. How can one give as a marketer, not to profit from, but to actually bring joy to another.

As for the trial, they do give a 7 day trial, but they also have many things where one gets it for free. I do not pay for DisneyPlus, it comes with my phone plan for free right now.

Maybe they will extend that trial to 4 weeks during this, it would be great if they did!
ChristineDu1 Premium
Exactly, share some beauty, good news, or sincere help. Everywhere I look online it's coronavirus this and that ...
A movie like Frozen is perhaps exactly what is needed. More people should focus on that instead of all the doomsday and fear mongering articles.
MariaDale Premium
I agree, Disney has always been the leader in good ethical marketing methods, but I have to say, this marketing move they have completed, is a true masterpiece!