Jaaxy, Does it really work?

Last Update: July 17, 2018

Jaaxy is one of those programs that has so much to offer. When I upgraded to the pro, I did not take time to check out all of the features. That is until today.

I knew that some of my post had ranked on Google because I got the email. But what I did not realize that with Jaaxy I could find out exactly where they landed.

To my suprise, one of the post on parenting is not only indexed but is #1 on page one!

To say I am stoked is an understatement. I had used the Jaaxy program to find the right key words. Followes what the teaching here at WA said and implimented what the others have taught.

Several of my other post have been in the top ten and a few are indexed lower. So glad that I had upgraded. Now I can see through the graphs how they are continueing to progress.

Thanks to all of the help here, I so appreciate you.



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HowardJaros Premium
Good job Marge!
Peihoo Premium
Yes you're right. I useJaaxy too. Easy to seach for keywords
HeidiY Premium
Well done Marge, this is brilliant news.

I haven't upgraded yet, hoping by the end of the year to upgrade Jaaxy and get a Premium theme if the dollars are trickling in by then.
MargeCramer Premium
I hear you. I was really hesitating on doing it also. Especially since I am so new at all of this.
FlorencioQ Premium
That's awesome, congratulations Marge!
MartinJ2 Premium
Thanks for sharing Marge, good info..