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August 15, 2018
This past month seems to of been a hard one for several of us at WA. Not only because of trying to keep up with the classes but also physically and emotionally. After all it is summer here in the USA.I have been in the same spot. Too many commitments, illness, and family issues. These have caused me to fall behind on my goals which really depressed me. The funny thing is that when I got back to my Boot Camp training, the last task is to take some days off and regroup.! How did Kevin know that i
Jaaxy is one of those programs that has so much to offer. When I upgraded to the pro, I did not take time to check out all of the features. That is until today.I knew that some of my post had ranked on Google because I got the email. But what I did not realize that with Jaaxy I could find out exactly where they landed.To my suprise, one of the post on parenting is not only indexed but is #1 on page one!To say I am stoked is an understatement. I had used the Jaaxy program to find the right key
Keeping to the grind stone.Today I went yearly on my membership. The main purpose I did this was for the savings AND will make me keep my nose to the gring stone.I am giving this one full year of hard work. By keeping my nose to the grind stone, I am pretty sure I will be able to reach my goal of being debt free by this time next year.Although money isn't everything, I do need to replace my current small income. So to do that I plan on writting 3-4, 1.500 word + post per 7days. It is also very
June 27, 2018
VacationMy vacation is paying off. I am getting ready to start phase 3 in boot camp! Now to just keep up with this pace! It has been fast and at times overload, but worth every minute. 8 days ago I was wondering if loosing money from my job would be worth the time spent on WA or even if I would get much accomplished.( I work part -time so no vacation benefits.) That’s when I started Boot Camp.Whew! Was I wrong. No money yet but looking at others in WA who have gone on before me, few ha
June 21, 2018
Working a part time job and trying to get my WA training done has led me to make a decision. Do I get a summer vacation and not keep up with my training or should I bag the vacation? I weighed the pros and cons. WA won!I have taken the next two weeks off from my job and am going to kick my Boot Camp training into high gear. I will have a day or two off. I will have that extra time to get more postings, website organized, and learn,learn and learn.(I am not sure if I am trying to convince mys
June 11, 2018
One month inIt has been one month since I started my WA account. At first, it was very over whelming, scary and down right mind boggling. (It doesn't really take a lot to boggle my mind)I had been putting off joining another make money on the web program as I had already invested was more money then I should have.For someone who is in her 60s, retired but still needs to make ends meet, I decided to give this one a try.Here is what happened1) Changed my hosting over to WA. The support team was w
Canva is a free program that I have fallen in love with. They offer great looking graphics for your website and more!1) Very easy to learnCanva has 100's of free templates, fonts, and styles. You can input your brand colors, save it and the next time your are ready they are there to use. It also has spell check. Which, I really need.2) Templates There are templates for every social media. Once your have created your graphic just click the share button and WALA! It is posted. Plus your can sa
1993 was the year I learned what it means to have an autoimmune disorder. Like so many fibromyalgia sufferers, I could not figure out why it hurt everywhere. Your joints ache. Your muscles feel like they are on fire. People think you are just trying to get attention. You must be lazy and so on.The BeginningLittle did I realize this was just the beginning of a very long path that still doesn't have any end. After seeing several specialist and hearing everything from 'You need to take better care
May 26, 2018
I just got indexed on google for this post. It is my second time.Parenting advice for your Tweens. Help for the frazzled parent.I also just finished my 4th level of training. Thanks to all who have encouraged me. What a rush. I am doing my happy dance.
Do you feel like your emotions are out of wack? Not able to concentrate? I hear you.Usually my day starts out with trying to get a list of what I need to accomplish. Too often I get interrupted. Don't allow myself to have quiet time. Just breathing some days is a task to accomplish!Since starting WA, I have had to try to change my schedule. (Which there really wasn't much to change) This was to be sure that I could get my training in, do my homework and not neglect the others in my life.You wou