Why I have been a little absent lately

Last Update: October 12, 2018

I firstly just want to apologise for being a little absent lately from the WA platform. I would have love to post here a little more, welcome a lot more newbies, comment on a lot more sites, answer a whole lot of questions, and meeting all of you here on WA. However, as it so happens I have just landed my first big client.

I am actually so excited about landing the new client because this means that my hard work is not in vain. So many hours of doing research, typing articles, promoting my site, marketing my brand and telling people about my work has FINALLY paid off!!!

Now I am the owner of an online website and actually making money through writing and editing content for a client on their way to making big waves in our country, South Africa.

Of course I am not able to exactly say who my client is due to the nature of their business, but I can say with confidence that landing this job, will secure me for the next year or so.

Some of the perks of working with this new client is that I get paid trips to amazing places all expenses paid! A few weeks ago when I read about this, it all seemed a little far fetched to just make your price and request a room for two to be thrown into the budget. Turns out this is actually happening as we speak.

My goal for the month of October on WA was actually to climb in ranks all the way to the Top 200 or make it to Ambassadorship. Right now I am not really that far away from it either.

However, I am actually going on my next trip for my new client tomorrow and will probably only be able to log back onto WA by Monday next week.

I will miss you guys and believe me, even if I am not logged onto WA, my thoughts are with all of you all here.

Making money through writing online is exciting, but landing a long-term contract to do exactly that while being paid to travel to exotic locations is my idea of living the dream.

I have found my success. Soon you will too.

Let me know in the comments below of the first big client that you ever landed. What were the perks? If you haven't landed your biggest client yet, how can we on WA help you do that?

Looking forward to your replies.

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JonLake Premium
Wow, Congratulations
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Awesome!!! Congrats, this is so inspiring. Wishing you all the success in the world.
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Wow! Congratulations!!!!
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Congratulations! That's so exciting.