Mindset Questions and Homeostasis

Last Update: January 14, 2020

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Hi everybody. Marc here doing a quick Q and A and a little bit of introduction to homeostasis as promised. But I had some good questions to my last video. I actually recorded this yesterday after we had gone to 00:22 a boot sale in England -- flea market in the United States. So we had a good time, got out in the sunshine, I came back here, did this video and had some audio problems, ,which I am to blame for. So, redoing the whole video here, hopefully it'll still come across as well ...,So, two things here. First of all, had two good questions that I want to address here from two of the members. If you look at my introductory video from... A few days ago. Anyway, my first training, this is my second training. So I had some questions and some good comments from some people who I really respect and I want to address them more carefully here than I did when I responded in the memos or the notes at the bottom.

01:23 . So Lauren Jean asked this question. "One question I had regarding your studies of mindset. How has having a success mindset influenced your life? And that's a really good question. And I want to talk about how these mindsets operate cause you can have any kind of mindset you want. Really, if you're gonna have a success mindset for being a good artist, you can have a success mindset for being a good artist who knows how to sell their products. So, here people come here to Wealthy Affiliate, in my opinion, because they want to be successful at affiliate marketing. And as I mentioned before in my first training, a lot of people really do have a great mindset. The ones that are successful have an amazing mindset. I wish it was a lot of people. I should correct what I just said. Not Enough people have that mindset.

02:23 If you look at the top successful people here at WA, they do. And so my idea was, you know what? I need a mindset like that. I know how to do different mindsets. Let me see if I can train some people and help them and help myself too. So Lauren Jean was wondering, , well, what about your success mindset? So just going back in time a little bit. So if we talk about my personality, I'm going to switch the slide here. My personality was one that liked to have fun. .And I had a good ego that was really good at having fun. I don't know if it's a good ego. It was good at that and ... that was one of my primary things was to make sure I was having fun and the other track that I was really comfortable with here I'm going to, so here's the having fun track here.

03:26 And then I jumped over when I had to work into my comfortable, successful job track, I'd make the money I needed to have fun. Then I'd go back to this. . These are mindset tracks. If you think of your ego as sort of a master player of the Jukebox, it has all these different records inside and you think something, thinking something or something happening to really triggers the ego to come up with a strategy and it goes, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. This track will work! Pressed this button, let's play this tape. And the ego says do this. And you're like, that's a great idea. I just had. So you think that actually,, you're coming up with an idea that your ego implanted in your consciousness, right? So then you start dancing the tune

04:25 And the ego and whatever that is, it may not be pleasurable. You might get angry, you might get distracted, go have some more fun. Instead of taking care of business, you start procrastinating. Any number of things can be given to you as a strategy by the ego in order to protect you from something that happened when you were young that you no longer need protected from. ? So in my case, going back to Lauren Jean, so I'd had some pretty big successes in my life too.. I've got the success track inside where you can see it's not as developed. It's not as deep. Because I don't jump to that until I get really determined about something. Then I've got it in me. I've got the success track in me to stay the course, forget about having fun, stick to the plan, go get it.

05:28 I've done that. But it's not a primary strategy for me. So the difference between knowing you have a success track and actually staying in it -- is what we're talking about here. So yes, I've had a success mindset and it's influenced my mind in great ways, but I also have a lot of these other tracks that I prefer to hang out in such as the having fun track that have not been so beneficial to my success. So I hope that answers the question. Going back here to this first slide, let's take a look. So you have a situation where if you think about the ego, what it is over many, many years and experiences, you get this ball of yarn, except it's not one long piece like yarn as it's about 10,000 different pieces all wound up together. Some are twisted together. Anyway, it all goes into this big ball....

06:33 And this ball is designed to protect you from some kind of harm because you need it to survive. The Ego is a survival robot. All right? However, most of it is put into play when you're not an adult. And by the time you get to be an adult, you have developed this personality. They say it's about age 25. This is when your personality is kind of frozen for most people. You stay in that personality, you've got your ego strategies, they've got you where you are and you're comfortable with that until eventually find out you're not comfortable with it, cause it's hindering you from something. That's when you start taking a look at this ball of yarn. Here it is, and you start unwinding it. If you start observing it, you can unwind it and what you wind up doing as you go in and in, you start uncovering stuff that you didn't see before.

07:30 So I would say that my success mindset was kind of trapped in this outer mindset of you have to look at that and and see what's going on in your mind. And what happens is it's even hard to see these tracks because...this mindset track is visible to you, but a lot of times before you actually start practicing to observe it, your awareness is going to be covered up. These tracks will be covered up by a cloud in one of the spiritual teachings ... either the Hindus, the Vedas, Buddhism --- [it] doesn't matter. They liken the mind to a muddy pond. You spend some time observing the mind, and this allows the mud to clear down. Once the mud clears down and you have a clear view into the pool, that's when you can see these tracks that you've been following.

: 08:32 That's also when you can see these unexplored areas that you're like, hey, why don't I have a track here? Why don't have a bigger success track? Why don't I have this? And this is one of the practices that I did was as I was sort of observing this around 2014. I noticed, well, you know what, I remember one of my teachers now, ...she said... That was good at drawing and it was was high school and I was like, yeah, yeah. But I was interested in physics. I was interested in, I don't know, dungeons and dragons. I was interested in figuring out how to date girls. There were a lot of things going on when you're an adolescent, and so I was like, yeah, I'm good at this. I can do this. But then as I became an engineer, safe career, went to silicon valley, all of that stuff, my art instincts or talents were suppressed.

: 09:26 So in 2014 I'm like -- wait a minute. Somebody told me a long time ago I was a good drawer. So I started doing some things. I started exploring it and it was really fun. Really. I delved into my fun side cause there's a lot of media and here's one of the things that I started out with 2014. It's not that great but I'm going to, I haven't shared this to anybody but my wife, but there's a girl and you can see I've decided that because I had to correct it so many times, I made her face orange on one side and purple on the other side. Those are contrasting colors so it kind of catches your eye. So I had fun with this, not my best thing. And then later on, actually this was probably more around 2012 now, this was in 2014 under the guidance of an art teacher trying to work with graphite pencil, very difficult medium.

10:16 And I was just doing a sketch of the guy next to me and the teacher really thought this was amazing. And actually it is one of my better sketches using simply graphite pencil. So I developed this challenge and it was there. And so I felt really great about fat. However, it wasn't in my success track that I was doing. This was my having fun track. So it would dovetailed into that. Yeah, it was a new talent. So I was digging a rivet over here, but it was related to this. But if I was really thinking in a success track way, I'd be like, , how am I going to sell these? What do I need to do to sell these? How am I going affiliate market this? Right. Was I ever thinking like that until I came to waa? No, I was not. So to answer the question, my mindset track for success needs development here for affiliate marketing, but I certainly intend to get there and I certainly intend to see if I can help people understand it.

11:17 ...The next question I had really good question was from Laura Fuller , she said, I think the ego is emotion and pride combined. What do you think? And I think I gave a quick answer to that, but I really want to give a more in depth answer. According to some personality experts, and I'm going to switch to this slide now. Pride as a fixation. Pride, a fixation on the idea that you are a humble and a person who has a lot of humility. And that you should be recognized for you. Humility. That's the trap. Pride is a trap of humility. The only way to have humility is to behave with humility.... But pride is like everybody should see how good I am. Everybody should see. And then the emotion is, hey, they're not seeing me.

12:24 They don't understand how good I am, they don't understand how helpful I am and I'm going to get upset and I'm going to get angry. And that's the pride and emotion tie. Now the pride in emotion tie then is a thought emotional concept that's part of your ego ball as part of the yarn. And this is just one of the traps. It's out there. Pride and humility. There's others out there which we can address. I'm not going to address all of them now, but this came up. So again, once you start feeling that emotion of hurt because your pride is wounded, that's where you need to go. You need to take your awareness, focus on the pain in your heart, and shame is usually felt around the heart. You dive into that and you sit there and experience it, and this is exactly what your ego does not want you to do, all right, but it's the only way you're going to develop and become a person of true humility.

13:28 That is what your pride is telling that you that you are. So that's my answer to that question. I hope that helped. I hope that was interesting for everybody. So last thing for this video and then I'll stop is to discuss homeostasis some more. So let's go back to the jukebox. The jukebox shows and the ego yarn. . These are set up systems. In fact you can think of if you just take one of those records from the Jukebox, you know before you can actually hear the music, it has to be spinning around and not only does it have to be spinning around, it has to have a needle * clunk * come down. This is the old fashioned Vinyl Jukeboxes, right? I don't know if this one is one, probably electronic one. But so you have this dynamic motion of the wheel of the vinyl record spinning, Spinning, spinning.

14:34 It has to do that. You have to have some kind of dynamic motion. .Along with the impetus of the needle to stimulate the homeostatic response. And so homeostasis involves dynamic stability. . And the organism is full of these. One of them is the way the sugar and the pancreas works and how when there's too much sugar in the blood, insulin is produced or whatever, however that process works and then that's if it's working properly, when the sugar is depleted from your, your blood, the pancreas stops issuing insulin . Something like that. And if I'm wrong about how that process actually works, I hope you get the idea. It's a dynamic stability, in order to change that dynamic stability of you have to create a new one. Let's go back to the tracks. You've got ...your track sitting over here and you got to develop this track and you gotta be able to know how to move the needle over there and keep it there.

15:46 That's changing the homeostatic process from A to B. B is the one that you want; A, you don't want, [but right now] t's your primary one. So just having a too much fun can really deplete you. You can get tired, you know, you get hung over because you're drinking too much or whatever you could possibly think of having too much fun. I've done it.. No, I've never been addicted to hard drugs, thankfully. And we'll talk about addiction at another training session, what that really is. But as far as the homeostatic process goes, you need to [know], it's something that's there all the time. You can't change that [there is such a process involved]. It's sort of like if you have the earth, let's not use the earth. Let's use Mercury going around the sun. That's a homeostatic process. In order for that to change, something has to *hit* mercury, so it changes its orbit. Homeostasis, all right? It's a principle of the universe. It's a principle of your organism, your body, and it's a principle of your mind. And so let's make use of it. Let's put it our use instead of it using us. That's the idea. So that's it. I hope that's been interesting for you to listen to. I hope the audio worked on this one this time. . I'm out signing out. I'll be back later. Bye. Bye.

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