First PREMIUM Referral: Don't Know about Vegas, but.

Last Update: May 03, 2016

It's Definitely a Start..

So far I've made a number of referrals, three have completed their profiles so I've earned a dollar (US) in credits for each.

But now I can truly say I've referred a member to upgrade to Premium.

If We Can Make One Premium Referral..

..We can make 300. If we can make 300, we can make 3, 000. And so on.

It probably would have happened a little earlier if I'd created content more frequently - I haven't added any new content in a few weeks now (which I don't recommend doing).

(This is how you don't want your Publishing Frequency to look..)

I did a domain name re-direct (which I don't recommend doing either) at the beginning of this year (New Year's Day actually) and that took my "Search Engine Trust" rate back to ground zero. Well... as far as the WA Engine Trust rating is concerned anyway... not to mention it's based on an approximation.

(It's just gone up to 40%, woohoo!)

Fortunately, our webpages do continue to climb once they're indexed just by the mere fact that that time is passing, regardless of whether or not we're adding new content frequently (yes I've tested this theory).

If there's on area of online marketing I've been a little slack with recently, it's writing new web content for my site (which incidentally is pretty much the most important aspect of IM..).

Initially I did pump a lot of hard work into my website, but then later put it at the backburner periphery (as I like to call it). The importance of adding new quality content and making regular updates can't be emphasised enough. I guess to this point in time, I've been quite time-strapped so I've had to let things slide a little.

Nevertheless, a Premium referral came my way when I was least expecting it...

Anyways, enough about me... off to write some new content.

All good fun eh??!!!!!! (as my good friend PaulGoodwin would say).

P.S. Don't forget to update your Premium Welcome messages when the changes take effect with the new price for WA subscriptions.


Thomas :)

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JasonHeard Premium Plus
Congrats to both of you Thomas!
Mac01 Premium
Many thanks, Jason!
JaniceNichol Premium
Very good information. Thanks. And congratulations.
Mac01 Premium
And thank you, Janice!
Deadshot Premium
Congrats man ! Way to go ! I wish i write something similar soon ! ;)
Mac01 Premium
Much appreciated, Deadshot, keep up your good efforts and you'll do well!
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Congratulations Thomas,

It all starts with the first so now it has begun.

Congratulations as well to your Premium WA Referrals as they have made a wise decision indeed.

Keep sharing and caring Thomas,

Mac01 Premium
Hello Tony,

Thanks for your support, you've said it well.

Hope you're having a great week, my friend!
JY2018 Premium
Mac01 Premium
Thank you Johny!