An Ill-Educated Perspective.

Last Update: April 30, 2016

I had a coffee this afternoon with my uncle in town, we were talking and brought up the topic of Wealthy Affiliate and online business.

Earlier on in the week, my uncle had asked about the work I was doing online, so I had recommended that he check out the WA website.

As we were having our coffee, I mentioned how busy I had been with this work in the last few months.

My uncle's initial response was: "Well I went to the Wealthy Affiliate website and it says you can create an online business in a few simple steps".

Which is true. For example, how many other platforms out there allow you to create websites in 30 seconds or less, right? Not many, I can tell you.

What my uncle didn't realise was that comparatively, not only does this platform save us time and money, there is a lot less work to do in the long term as compared to what the cash-hungry "gurus" out there have to offer.

The difference between WA and the vast majority of the other platforms out there on the Internet is that WA doesn't purport to be something it is not.

The sad reality is that any service that purports to lead to instant results or overnight success is a lie.

Our default mindset often leads us to believe that these systems are the ones that will work - these scammers are good at their craft.

And our default mindset usually happens to be the "Scams work!" mindset, until we're informed otherwise (no offense, Uncle!).

It shouldn't take a genius to figure out that these two-faced hermaphrodites are outright scammers... but unfortunately it usually does.

I speak from experience too - in the past I trialed our several of the other platforms that proclaim to make you rich within a month or less. After pumping my time and financial resources into these "success systems", I soon realised that they were all as fraudulent as each other.

Was I glad to find WA!

So, although it takes time and effort to build up our online businesses here at WA, we can rest assured that our time is being invested wisely and we're not falling victim to the empty promises of the so-called gurus.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!

Thomas :)

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The-Fran Premium
Experience! Ah, she is the toughest teacher. What a sigh of relief many of us have had, when we realized just how different WA is from the other somewhat secretive platforms, with their seemingly endless stream of member up-sell offers; and less than targeted, less than effective training; and with their proprietary, windows-only software (even though Macs are shown predominantly in their video ads); and with their soon-apparent goals of building their email list and a small, focused army of JV's; and the list goes on.

Yes, WA is a launching platform and a collective of fine teachers (like you), as well.

Good thoughts, Thomas!

Mac01 Premium
Many thanks, Fran! It seems you've been able to identify the common characteristics of the scams out there, if they have one or more of these qualities most often they're not even worth thinking about.

Keep up the good work!
dickymiau17 Premium
Tq with ur sharing...have a great day
Mac01 Premium
My pleasure Dickymiau17, thanks for reading!
dickymiau17 Premium
Ure welcome...
Keith10 Premium
Nicely put Mac - so has your uncle become a convert?
Mac01 Premium
No worries, Keith! Thank you. I haven't got him to sign up to WA, still working on that. ;)
JudeP Premium
Thanks Thomas :)
Mac01 Premium
And thank you, Jude!
MrsNLynah Premium
Thank you Thomas for starting our weekend off with great thoughts!
Mac01 Premium
My pleasure MrsNLynah, have a great one!