The WA spirit. WOW!

Last Update: February 05, 2016

So hows about this kick-ass WA spirit? I for one absolutely love it.

I saw something negative recently here on WA and I can't remember if it was a post or a comment or who wrote it... but the theme of it was that people are active here because it makes them feel good when they think they are popular... they write training because they are "pushed into it" by the owners and the person that referred them... He also said how everyone here is so "happy" and pro WA

So this person must think this is some sort of cult thing... that if I get a referral and they post training I get some sort of financial benefit? Maybe he thinks it is MM? **shudder** hahaha

I just felt sad for that person because yeah I am one of those "happy" people, I am "pro" WA, I blog a lot here (and I like to believe that it is beneficial to others and not just me being all "popular") and yes every now and then I publish training. I also help members where I can.

I love it and you with the negativity and blinkers on have missed the whole beauty of it!

So why do I do it... well here is the simple answer!

Yesterday I took some time to help someone better understand where to put his keywords and when he understood it better that was awesome! I love it when someone gets a ding dong moment and I could be a part of that.

I welcomed someone new and made some comments on his profile because I felt like we had a lot in common, I think that made a difference to him.

Today someone in live chat said he struggled with English and his grammar so I proof read his post and sent him corrections...

So did I get PAID for that? Well no I didn't... but that doesn't mean it was any less rewarding.

So what did I get back?

Someone left a comment and my website and took the time to also send me a private message on WA to correct some typos I made! Thank you, I mean really THANK YOU! There is one thing I hate and that is a typo! Oh wait there is one thing I hate more than a typo.... its a typo on MY website that I did... eeeeekkkk no!

Someone on WA inboxed me this week and told me my comments section is not showing. WTF my website has been up for 7 months and my comment section is visible... how on earth can my comments not be showing on that one post? Who knows but that is what happened and I had no idea. I quickly fixed that. THANK YOU!

I mentioned in another post that I got a vicious organic comment on my website... which made me happy because it means people are finding me, they are engaging with me and they take me seriously. Some members from WA took the time to visit my website, search for that post and back up my content with their comments. I never asked you for this, but you did it because you care! THANK YOU.

So this community is truly a give AND take. This is what makes WA so special, this is why I don't think I have ever whipped out my credit card so fast AND with a smile on my face when I arrived here.

Oh yes AND by being an active member of WA it can actually benefit YOU financially....

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AriefWibowo Premium
The WA spirit is really good. I don't mind if people say it is a cult. Helping people should be a cult.
LynneHuy Premium
fawlty Premium
Good stuff Lynne !!!
AnthonyMLM Premium
thank Lynne me too I love interacting with others. I have a great friendship with member that I personally don't but I they feel like brothers and sisters..WA awesome.
RonAlderman Premium
Great Blog. You are so right that we are a part of the best community I have ever come across. Overall it is a community of like-minded individuals who what to help others and if possible, help themselves along the way.

It seems that most of us truly want to help others. This is our motivation to move forward.

paulmees Premium
Hi Lynne, thank you for this post. I totally agree with what you wrote. I joined less than two weeks ago but I love interacting with the people in our WA community and learn, and help others. When you work from home by yourself the positive energy on this platform gets me going. Wish you lots of success.