The Universe Is Against Me Working Right Now!

Last Update: December 20, 2018

Do you ever have those moments where you think everything is working against you? The last 3 weeks have been hectic and it really is quite incredible when I look at the timeline:

1. My Laptop - 3 weeks ago.

My laptop that I love and have had for the last 5 years has started giving me trouble - I can feel its starting to pack in. Because it is old I decide to get a new laptop then I can consider repairing this one as a spare. So I order a new laptop online.

2. My "New" Laptop - 2 weeks ago

I order a new Lenovo laptop - my hubby recommended this one. I am stupid when it comes to tech. I look to see if its pretty and if I like the colour. What's a spec anyway?

My new laptop arrives and it takes a while for me to set up and start working on my new machine.

It doesn't take long for me to realize this machine is not right, it is so slow I could be working on a PC from 1995.

I contact the company and tell them to come and collect it.

3. My husband's laptop - 1 week ago

My hubby is working on his laptop and as he leans over to do something his laptop falls and completely dies. My husband does not work from home, his laptop is purely recreational. This should have no effect on me right? I've never used or had to use my hubby's laptop.

4. My "New" Faulty Laptop Is Collected - yesterday

Yesterday the faulty laptop was collected by the courier and taken away. It's fine because my old laptop has not yet packed in... right?

5. My Old Laptop Dies - today

So this afternoon I turn on my laptop.... no wait I try to turn on my laptop and it has decided that today was its last day!

6. Searching For My Old Computer

I spent 30 minutes pulling things out of my cupboards because I know I've got a desktop computer somewhere... I haven't turned it on for at least 2 - 3 years but its worth a shot.

I can't believe it when this dinosaur turns on! Please oh please last long enough for the store to test that dud, credit me and get a new laptop!

Hold thumbs for me peeps because this is getting ridiculous and I need to keep working. If this old girl croaks before I get my new laptop I'm in trouble! And Adam if you want to Skype I need to find my equipment (webcam and headset).... gimme some time!

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Cass51 Premium
Don't you just hate times like this? It will pass and hopefully all be back to normal soon. I use a Lenovo and it is great so you may have just had a faulty one. I also had the company i purchased it from set everything up for me so it was all ready to go.
All the best, Cass
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Oh My.... I have no words!
Fingers crossed!
ExpatMark Premium
Mine died too.

So I went Old School.

The library!

Best of luck to your little techno-baby and its quick recovery.

ShaunnaLynne Premium
Yours died too??
After Christmas Sales... ;)
ExpatMark Premium
I kinda like the library to tell you the truth. As long as the kids go back to school. They think it is an arcade and all they do is play video games and stare at their phones. All of them fat as a cow.
Don't kids play outside anymore?

ShaunnaLynne Premium
Sad really... games like tag, dodgeball, and so many others have gone the way of the Dodo.
LynneHuy Premium
ROFL mine play outside!
MKearns Premium
Best wishes jump-starting your universe Lynn
Gordon-D Premium
Rooting for you Lynne:-)