The Frustration of Waiting for Success!

Last Update: February 02, 2016

So here's the thing.... I am a very hard worker. I am motivated and dedicated. One thing I am NOT is patient!

I also know that it takes time to build an online business and to start earning an income.

Yesterday in live chat there was a lady that said she is getting frustrated because she hasn't made any sales from Amazon and she has been working so hard!

I checked her profile and she started with WA on 27 January 2016..... oh man did I feel for her. I know what she feels like.

Fortunately for me I have been working online for 4 years so I know the truth.

There is no secret that can make you rich over night. I'm so sorry but it doesn't exist.

All those incredible "opportunities" you find online, yes you know which ones... the flashy lights, the promises of making $1000 a day by tomorrow.... yes on autopilot while you sleep.

No need to do anything and you will be a millionaire, yeah in a week!

A common question I see here and in live chat is WHEN will you start making money.

And the answer is NOT what you want to hear... it is how long is a piece of string. Yes I can literally see you all groaning at hearing that. How typical, that says nothing does it?

So why does it take so much time to make money online?

You don't build your website and suddenly it is there in full view of everyone that you want to reach, oh no not by a long shot!

It takes time to build website trust, it also takes time to build yourself a name out there that people trust. So perhaps Google trusts your website, great! BUT do your readers trust you? If you just have 2 pages and 2 posts that is not giving your readers much of a chance to get to know you right?

It's also not giving them much content to read through either.

Each and every business is different as is each business owner.

So what is your niche, how profitable is it and how much interest is there in what you are doing?

Yes there are nearly 3 billion people online worldwide but the fact is that some niches will just be more profitable than others. I am sure you can earn money in any niche, but this question is about when will you start earning...

Then there is YOU. There are the obvious factors of how much do you already know about working online? How much time and energy do you put into training and then implementing what you have learned?

How easy do you find it to write? How long does it take you to write a post?

How much do you know about SEO and writing for the search engines? How much do you know about publishing content that ranks?

On average it takes me about 3 - 5 hours to write a good post. This includes researching my content, writing my content, getting my images ready and adding to my content, searching for a Youtube video to embed in it, publishing my content, sharing it to social networks, getting a comment or 2 on WA and then of course submitting it to Google Webmaster Tools.

So for one piece of content from start to finish it can take me 5 hours. The nice side of this is that although it is a lot of time, most of my content ranks quickly and ranks well.

So I know lots of other people manage to publish content from start to finish in about an hour... well that's not me!

I also know there are some people here that take a week plus to write one post! Not because they are stupid but for other reasons... maybe lack of time. Not everyone has 5 hours straight to dedicate to a post, they work or study so have to do a bit and then come back to it.

Other people are not English and take extra time to get their content written and check their spelling and grammar.

Ok so WHEN will you be earning money online?

Taking all the above factors into account and remembering that there is NO hard and fast rule here... just reset your expectations.

And head on over to my website and grab my free eBook that might help you a bit with this!

I would say expect to not earn anything at all for the first 4 - 6 months. After about 6 months you should start seeing some sales coming in. BUT once again don't set your sights on being rich by 6 months... I am talking about one or two sales here!

From 6 months - 1 year you can expect your business to steadily grow so you are at least earning some extra income that will make a difference to your life.

Don't expect to earn a full time income before one year and you won't be disappointed.

What separates the people that succeed and the people that fail?

This is quite simple, if you give up along the way you won't succeed will you?

Building an online business takes time and dedication, if you are not prepared to work really hard for at least one year at it without making a decent income from it then you will most likely fail.

So my message for today is.... don't quit before the miracle happens!

PS I am 7 months in and have just earned my 2nd income from my new website..... right on target!

What are your frustrations, how long have you been working at your online business?

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JudeP Premium
A great post, thanks for sharing :)
DJ-Yogi Premium
I started 3 months ago with my first WS. I got my 12 first subscribers. 2 for an free email course "Best Time of your Life" 10 from a free email course "Building a successful online business in one year". So you see, I give everybody 1 year too:-) Today I decided to prepare my first webinar. At the end of the webinar I'll give some good bonuses, if the viewers join WA with a yearly membership.
LynneHuy Premium
Great idea! That is also essential.. giving your readers something f great value :)
Profithog Premium
Ha ha - laughing at those who think they have worked hard for a whole WEEK lmao. And it isn't just that ONE you read about! I love hearing about people who drank the "get rich quick" kool-aid! It's that same type who fall for scams like Empower Network. THOUSANDS have fallen for that "homeless and combless to living on the beaches of Costa Rica" crap! I could go on but I can hear y'all snoring lmao. Anyway ... good article - right on!
LynneHuy Premium
Oh yes, those videos make me sick! It is the same rubbish over and over again, and people are falling for it.
LumaiM Premium
So blunt honesty! And thanks for that. One thing i learned when i joined WA was that its not a GRQ(Get Rich Quick) Platform and i wasnt suprised that i went into real training for the first time to build websites, understand SEOs and the like.
Am loving it and its keeping me busy. While surely i would like to start earning as soon as [possible, certainly, theres is too much ground work to be done here.

Patience, patience patience is the word and hardwork as we learn to be patient.
LynneHuy Premium
Lovely to know that you are prepared to go the distance!
Jozeph Premium
I really like your post, there's such a flashy misconception about "online success". However, as we become more seasoned, we develop an understanding, of what online success does indeed entail. :)
Thanks for posting Lynne
You Rock
LynneHuy Premium
Hi Joseph

Yes I know exactly what you mean, it is all those scams I think putting rubbish into people's minds!