One Year At Wealthy Affiliate Today!

Last Update: June 23, 2016

Today is certainly a day to celebrate. I have achieved so much in the last year and from the career side it has been the most exciting year of my life.

This is all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. The things I have learned here, the networking I have managed to do within this website and the friends I have made.

If I had to share everything I have learned in the last year I would be writing for another year+.

So instead I am just going to share some highlights and important things with you.

Who is Lynne Huysamen?

This might sound strange. But I have learned who I really am. I have grown to understand myself more. I have become more confident and I am loving every minute of just being me.

It is liberating and exciting to reach such a point of being at one with myself in everything I do.

I am able to be 100% myself 24 hours a day.

I don't try and be "Lynne the blogger that writes what people want to read". I am Lynne and I write what I want the world to know.

I don't care whether you like it or not. I care that you read it and react to it in some way. If you hate me all the better because you will see my content, you will tell me I suck and you will share it with your friends... check out this Lynne, what an idiot!

And I say hey, that person shared my content! YAY!

So be yourself and be yourself in a big way. Yes you will have lots of lovers and you will have lots of haters for sure. BUT you will not go unnoticed. That for me is failure. I would rather be noticed and hated than have nobody know I exist.

I am working online, I need to be noticed among all the other bloggers and online marketers.

Working Online is NOT Rocket Science

No, its not. In the beginning it may feel like you are struggling to keep your head above water. It may feel like you will never understand how it all works, like there is too much to remember.

Just plod along, keep following the training, keep doing everything in a methodical way and it will become second nature.

Then learn some more new things and implement that... until that too becomes second nature.

And there is ALWAYS something new to learn, so keep learning and keep growing.

If you do something every day long enough you will be able to do it with your eyes closed.

Networking within WA and outside of WA will help you immensely!

The contacts I have made within WA and within other networks have been my support and my rock.

The journey has not always been smooth, but I have always had support and help whenever I needed it.

Never Ever Give Up

The people that fail are the ones that quit. I firmly believe that.

If you work hard, learn hard and keep doing what you need to do you will make it.

You might not make it today. You might not make it tomorrow. You might not even make it by the end of the year.

BUT you will make it. Keep working towards your goals and don't take no for an answer.

Try Different Things, Push Yourself, Go Out of your Comfort Zone

I have done things in the last year I never would have imagined possible a few years ago.

If someone I trust tells me something will help my business I do it. I learn about it and I try it out. I know I won't be brilliant at it the first time, but I don't care. I just do it.

A good example is Youtube. Oh my god... putting myself on Youtube?

Yeah I just did it and I kept at it. I don't have a good camera, I don't know how to edit a video.... but I do the best I can with what I have.

And in the last week one of my videos has gone viral with over 20 000 views so far and counting

Oh and check the first point.... most of my viewers hate what I have to say. YAY! That made me go viral LOL. Thank you haters!

Help Others and Ask for Help

You won't get very far if you don't stop and check your bearings every now and then. So if you are a newbie, stop every now and then and ask for directions...

And if you are an oldie stop and help the newbies.

Yes it will benefit you too. In some way. At some time. Once again maybe not today but things have a way of coming full circle. Always, it is the way of the universe.

The new person you help today that seems like they will never get anywhere may suddenly go viral on Youtube one day and help YOU in the future.

People that are nice and help others are remembered.

Be Everywhere

Get your social networks set up, and be visible. It does count.

I get loads of engagement and people contacting me online on all my social networks.

Somebody said to me recently they see me everywhere. GOOD.

Earning a Full Time Income

I keep having people asking me are you earning a full time income online. Yes now I am. I am not earning in exactly the ways I thought I would.

Some things that I thought would be big earners are small or not at all, other earners are bigger than I thought and some big earners came from nowhere and landed in my lap as a huge surprise.

My current monthly earnings are about $3000. I will be earning more and more as time goes on.

Everything that I earn now has come about from this community, from the things I have learned here at Wealthy Affiliate.

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lucas57 Premium
Well done, I mean REALLY well done. I really hope I'm still around in WA after a year. You really are someone to aspire to.
LynneHuy Premium
Lucas, it is your choice if you are still here!

I meant everything I said in my post, this is your life and only you can make things happen. But you need to work for it.

When I say I have grafted my ass off I mean that big time.
lucas57 Premium
I'm sure you have, Lynne. I've put in a lot of work so far and things seem to be coming along nicely. MY ONE big failing in life is - I'm too impatient!!
LynneHuy Premium
Hahaha and you think I am patient? Hell no, but I am also determined. I don't give up... ever.

When I look back now time actually went really really fast in a way. It feels like yesterday when I first joined WA.

But at the times when you have no money and you are staring at Google Analytics trying to mentally suck visitors in.... well time goes damn slow.
lucas57 Premium
Actually Lynne you'd think at my age time would fly by !!!
LynneHuy Premium
You don't look that old... not unless you are like 80 and stole a pic of a young man from google images hahahaa
lucas57 Premium
nah - mid 50's.
LynneHuy Premium
That's not old! Oh man... if that's not old to me then I must be getting old hahaha
lucas57 Premium
When I asked my daughter did I look 55 she said "No but you might have done ten years ago" !!!
LynneHuy Premium
Oh no... that is so bad hahaha.
JudeP Premium
Happy Birthday to you! You're doing absolutely great Lynne and long may it continue :)
MarionBlack Premium
Well done Lynne. I'm a lover not a hater so keep doing what you're doing.
sovani Premium
what a great blog post. very happy for you Lynne. Great post! Very good guidance. All the best to you. :)
Backontrack Premium
Congratulations are definitely in order for you. You have stuck it out. You are enjoying what you're doing. You are earning a substantial income and you're your own boss! This is inspirational for me and should be for many others starting out like myself!

Thank you for sharing with us!