One Month at Wealthy Affiliates and I have some questions!


So one full month has now gone by since I went Premium with Wealthy Affiliates and I am still loving it!

I have picked up again with my addiction recovery blog as it was becoming a little neglected while I focused on my WA blog.

I have some questions I would love some feedback on with my addiction recovery blog, here is the link:

It is slow going right now as I am concentrating on so many other things at the same time. So here is my question regarding the addiction blog:

What sort of affiliate links do you think I would use for this?

I do have ideas for literature and also for addiction self help which I will be adding soon, however I am hesitant regarding some of this. You see I really don't want to promote self help as I honestly don't believe that is the way to go to get recovery from addiction! I think it will do people more harm than good. I am happy to review self help products, but they will probably get a 00/100 from me! A lot of these "self help" products are things like buy a book that will "cure" you from alcoholism forever... this goes against what I believe in!

Can I promote other things such as clothing and other products in side banners or would this be straying from my niche?

Other than recovery books I can't think of anything niche related to promote!

The next thing I would like to know, is the webinars so far have only ever been at 5pm my time. Having 2 young children means this is literally impossible for me as I am always cooking and well being MOM at 5pm. Are webinars ever held at any other time during the day or night? Yes I know I can access the webinars later, but I really would love to take part at the time.

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Hi Lynne. Personally, I'd never promote anything I don't believe in. I don't know much about your niche, so I don't have any specific ideas for you.
You could promote unrelated products as an affiliate, but you probably won't make that many sales.

If there really is nothing in your niche that you could promote as an affiliate, you could to look into other options to monetize your site:
- Use Adsense.
- Create your own product, course, or service, that will help people out, and sell it.

Thanks for your feedback, yes I won't be promoting anything I don't believe in. Especially when it literally comes down to life and death with addiction. I would never be able to live with that!
I am going to soon be monetizing my websites, just had a bad month with my health and moving office premises. It has been a very long month!

Hi Lynne, I hope I'm not too late in posting this but try out my website: you may find a few good affiliate ideas from this for your addiction page. A lot of the things I write about could be used in your niche too.

Also, adsense. Get adsense :)

Thanks! Never too late to add ideas, I can store them for later use lol.
I will have a look as soon as I can.
Much appreciated.

I don't know if this has already been brought to light or whether you are into health products but you could always stress the importance of detoxing the body's organs such as the liver. Then find appropriate supplements such as milk thistle to promote for detoxing the liver after alcohol abuse. By providing quality reasons for detoxing with milk thistle (backed by scientific studies) you could sell a bottle or 50 or 500 hundred per month. Not much money in one bottle of milk thistle on amazon but 50 - 100 - 500 bottles per month could bring in some revenue. By the way, CONGRATS! on completing your first month as premium. :-)

Oh cool idea, thanks so much! I am loving all the ideas. And there I thought I was limited lol, now I have loads to work on,
Much appreciated!

The first thing I'd sell are good books on addiction. maybe consultations online as well.

Thanks Vitaliy :) I am so glad I asked the question here! I have gotten so many ideas and now I am not sure where to start lol.
I am familiar with loads of recovery books so I think to start with reviews on those would be perfect. Thank you for your input!

Anytime :)

Maybe counseling would be something to add ? I have struggled with alcohol for years. But I know there is an expected end to it. Of course my faith is the one and only reason I believe that. And not everyone thinks that way. Just something to consider depending on one's beliefs.. Of course narrowing that down might be the real question, what type of counseling ? Does one seek a certified counselor or a pastor or priest etc etc .. or maybe guiding your readers to Jesus ? If that's your belief ? I hope that helps in some way ..

Thanks for the feedback, that is certainly something I could look at. For me personally religion does nothing (no offence!). But I can see how it can be a valuable resource for others that are religious. It also goes with my belief that you cannot do it alone. No matter how one chooses to be in recovery, it can't be achieved alone. If the church does it for you, great. I might start looking into that, rather than self help.
I was thinking of addiction treatment centers but I can't seem to find any affiliate programs? Maybe I have not tried hard enough.
Thanks for the counseling idea, that might be worthwhile looking into!

Yes agree with the below... some meaningful literature with an explanation that you absolutely don't believe in doing it alone. Reading about recovery will still be useful...

Also looking at holistic lifestyle, health, hobbies - things that help people get through living with addiction...!

On the webinar front - no they only do at those times, but perhaps you could get in touch with Jay directly (Profile Name: Magistudios) and ask him about it. Maybe if there was a demand....???

Thanks Sarah, yeah I'll ask Jay about it. I always feel like I am missing out lol.

Yes I think the holistic side might be something great to branch into, thank you so much for the advice!

Some other thoughts 1) online counseling courses (therapists might visit your site too - or those who recover might want to help others in a similar way. 2) write your own ebook with practical advice 3) book for families of those with addictions

Hi Lynne,

You have a very honest and important website.
I think you absolutely have to stay true to what you believe in when promoting products on your site. This type of integrity will be obvious to your target audience and build trust.
Perhaps there's other ways you could go about promoting products rather than the self-help direction.
As someone living with addiction you would likely have some great insight into products that helped in your recovery.
Do/Did you do any particular exercise programs?
Are there books that share relevant stories, rather than just self help?
Basically, take an approach where you're sharing or promoting some sort of healthier lifestyle.
I hope this was somewhat helpful!

Thank you! Yes there is a lot of 12 step literature, plus celebrities that are addicts that have written books about what they have gone through. I think I will stick to that. I just can't bring myself to share about rubbish like cure your alcoholism in 30 days forever. It just isn't possible in my mind. I could maybe share some religious books and programs. Religion is certainly not my thing, but I can see the value in the church helping addicts recover.

Hi Lynne. What about certain 12 step approved literature like Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 and 12, lots of Hazelden books. I think that most good recovery books encourage "not doing it alone".
As far as other products, maybe lovely herbal teas or organic bath products - anything that is self nurturing? Can't help with the webinar thing. Regards, Fiona.

Hi Fiona
Yes planning on doing reviews of all the 12 step books, which will include the big books, the daily readings, stepwork books, sponsorship, also will be including na, aa, sla, eda, ga.... I was also thinking of biographies of addicts. There are loads of celebrities that are addicts that have written books about their experiences too!
I never thought of self nurturing products, that is a wonderful idea, thank you!
Kind Regards

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