Take a Moment for Yourself

Last Update: October 10, 2014

Why is it that we sometimes have gloomy days?

What are gloomy days you may ask? In my opinion they are those days when we can't seem to find the energy or mind set to do the tasks we set for ourselves. Everything seems to cause us irritation and we cannot get much of anything done.

We know we should shake this mood and get moving, but that is not happening as fast as we would like it to.

What to do on days like this? What I have found works best is to step back for a while and regroup. Taking a nap, listening to music, reading a personal development book or listening to a motivational speaker are all things that I have found work well to reverse this mental state.

Be Gentle With Yourself

If you love the outdoors or live on an Island like I do, then take a hike in the park or visit the beach and just relax with nature for a while. Nature is a great teacher and healer and the best part is she never asks anything in return.

There is much that we could learn about ourselves and our surroundings by just sitting quietly and observing nature. I have always found looking out to sea on a clear day very calming.

Sometimes we feel like we are behind in our deadlines and schedules and the thought of taking any time away from our business scares us. We need not worry too much, since the simple act of taking a time out might be what we need to clear the fog. Taking a time out could be what gives us new eyes to look at things with and help us move forward.

We all have had these types of days and we have all found ways to deal with them rebound and carry on.

Whenever you feel like you are having a gloomy day, stepping back and regrouping could be the simple answer to get you back on track. Just find something fun to immerse yourself in for a while, let your hair down so to speak. Most of all be gentle with yourself, your family, your business and your sanity will thank you for it.

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mlshands Premium
I know when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I try to just leave it all alone and then spend time with family, read, or spend time with a friend. It gets hard sometimes with all of the pressure we put on ourselves to be successful, efficient, and productive. Thank you for your post and I am sooooo jealous that you live on an island. If I every make a large amount of money, I am moving to the beach. Don't know where yet but I will worry about that part then :)
Lylette Premium
Your comment made me smile, you are very welcome. Living on an Island does have its moments. I do love living where I know that the ocean is only minutes away. Keep your dream of moving to the beach, set a goal, write it down and it will surely happen.
mlshands Premium
From your mouth (or fingers) to God's ears :)
CarlaIves Premium
My regrouping is reading. If I can't sleep, reading is best. There are many days when I'd like a power nap, but I'm not a good sleeper. Reading calms me down, redirects my brain and gets me turned back around the right way once more.
Lylette Premium
Reading is indeed a great way to unwind sometimes. I too read and have always loved reading. Thank you Carla for taking the time to read and comment on my post