Making progress . Marathon Not A Sprint!

Last Update: September 18, 2017

Just wanted to give a brief update on my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate and to share a few thoughts. I have created a website that centers around the benefits of serving our pets with a healthy, nutritional diet. As an avid animal lover, this topic has always had great importance to me, and something I am passionate about.

I have followed the training step by step, because I know there is really no shortcut to success. I have learned from past experiences, that there will always be obstacles in your pursuit, but the idea of quitting is not acceptable.

I learned this in my pursuit of having a professional baseball career, which I eventually achieved. I actually played 3 years in the Atlanta Braves organization before being released many years ago. This was a goal of mine (professional baseball) that took a great deal of persistence, luck and just old-fashioned hard work. I hope to use this experience and approach my goals as an affiliate in the same way.

The training here has been fantastic, as well as the WA community which has assisted me whenever one of these obstacles came into play. For those who have assisted me, a huge thank you! I hope to do the same for others when I obtain the knowledge to do so.

i wish everyone here the best, and remember, this is not a sprint. Take your time, soak in the knowledge and take action!

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RogerHumbke Premium
If you could make it in professional baseball, you can certainly make it here. Just be persistent and keep attending practice.
jfabbonizio Premium
You're right Luke. Nothing worth achieving happens overnight. Unless you win the lottery. But you might take years to achieve that. I never even won a scratch off.
AlexEvans Premium
Good to meet you Luke hope all is well with your WA journey, you have summed up how many of us feel for sure all the best That would be the most important thing, taking action on what we are learning.
luke61 Premium
Thanks Alex, the best to you!