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Last Update: April 28, 2014

Today I have gone over Lesson3 of Course 1 again. Coming up with a niche. I had one idea in mind. Herbs/herbal teas. I know a little about it. It is something I used to be very passionate about.

But, I have decided to go with the Affiliate Bootcamp first though because that is where I am at at the moment. The making money online thing. Since I haven't been doing that well I want to go in that direction and master that first. I know there are tons of people coming online everyday who want to make money online. I have also seen many people going in the wrong direction and failing miserably. There seems to be a big need for people to learn the right way to build a business and market there business.

It brings me joy to see the members on here getting their first taste of success. I wish to be part of it and help people too.

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DNave Premium
Great blog. I like your plan. I decided to build a website with my niche and then when it starts making money then I was going to go through the Affiliate Bootcamp. I felt like then I would be able to tell people my experience with WA. Good luck going forward from here.
lsimonetta Premium
Thank you Dawn. There is so much training and support here that I don't think any of us could fail. I plan on becoming Premium soon so that will be even more training. I look forward to that also. Good luck to you too. I see that you are already well on your way.