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Last Update: March 08, 2017

I have just got back from 6 weeks travelling around South America and it was absolutely fabulous. I have been blogging about my experiences and really been enjoying it! It's making me think I should concentrate more on travel blogging than my other niche website that seems to have come to a halt! I love writing about my travels and my blog has built up a bit of a following now too. I still have 2 weeks worth of blog to write even though I am now back home :)

Anyway, to try and combat the post-travelling blues, I'm looking forward to getting back into WA properly and making some (new) progress!

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reanna1 Premium
Welcome back!
RichBrennan Premium
If travelling is what your passion is, then your gut feeling about blogging about that has to be right. The feeling you put into it will come across to your readers :-)
spurway Premium
welcome back , have a nice day
iscool78 Premium
You're absolutely right, Louise!

Do what you love and then help people who wanna do the same, and things should just flow.

At least that's the feedback I'm getting from the whole WA community. It seems to work out pretty well.

All the best from another travel junkie here!

mrkmccllch Premium
Hey Louise,
Just had a look at your travel site, good job..!!

Some wise words were shared with me a week or so ago by a WA veteran. I prompted his input by making a declaration to launch another site. He warned me that it would result in twice the work for half the profit, having lived that reality himself. He further advised that if I was prepared to let the first site run on autopilot ( for content). Wise words...

So, sounds and looks to me like your love of travel has to win in the end. Check out some of the other popular travel bloggers, how are they monetizing ?

All the best moving forward Louise.

Louise2812 Premium
Thanks Mark, wise words indeed!