Public Niche Website Project

Last Update: October 18, 2015

So... what if I'd SHOW (not just tell you) you how to build a niche website from scratch and make it profitable in only 6 months?

It would be your opportunity to get an over-the-shoulder view over all this process.
Wouldn't it be GREAT?

Introducing my Public Niche Website Project.

I will share with you EVERYTHING!
Every little step and secret so that you actually see it and be able to build one for yourself. Plus, I'll be following Wealthy Affiliate training lessons so any doubts you might have about them will be answered.

Public Niche Website Project Updates:

This Is What I'm Going To Show You:

-- What is that thing people call "niche sites".
-- How to find ideas/inspiration for your niche site.
-- How to take keyword research to the next level.
-- How do you select the best possible niche.
-- How to analyse your competition the right way.
-- How to build and promote a niche website.
-- How to rank your site in Google's #1 page and earn money from it.

Basically, all the Wealthy Affiliate lessons you are already learning... you'll be able to actually see someone else (me -- your fellow WA classmate) doing it.

Believe me, it is going to be FUN!

Are you ready to start?
What do you think of my idea?


P.S.: Thanks for your interest guys!
P.S.2: I tried to insert some images (I guess videos are not allowed here), but it seems it won't work. I don't think posting my Niche Site Project updates here will be most useful without that kind of media. Don't take this as SPAM -- I'm really forced to do it, due to what I explained above -- but my updates on this project will be posted on my Buzz Nitrous blog, see all of the links to them here:

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trumpetjazz Premium
Thanks Louie. I'm very interested in this project.
LouieLuc Premium
Thank so much Michael. .)
trumpetjazz Premium
Your so welcome Louie.
GamePlan Premium
Hi Louie,
I recently came across this post I am now following you! There is a definite need for niche site projects like this one. Even though others have blogged about this before, as you know things change, and what worked yesterday may not work today. So “Thank You” for taking on this challenge and documenting what works today. There will no doubt be some lessons learned along the way. I am excited to watch the journey unfold and apply what I learn. I will keep an eye on buzz nitrous. Best of luck to you Louie! :)
LouieLuc Premium
Yo GamePlan,

Thanks so much for your kinds words and for following along. :)
Best of luck to you too!
:) Louie
Porterhaus Premium
This sounds interesting. I'd like to see where this goes.
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks Porterhaus. :)
glodesigns Premium
The documentation and taking the visitor on the "journey" sounds great but I would be careful about showing any screenshots or actual training that is in our Premium membership.
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks, glodesigns. :)
I actually don't need to show anything from WA other than something I could use to promote it as an affiliate. :) And Premium stuff has copyrights so I'll stay away from it.
Grinche Premium
I like it, I think it will bring in engagement to your content. Your first post would start the funnel so to speak.
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks Grinche. :) Yeap, the journey starts with my first post.