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Last Update: February 16, 2018

Friday is finally here. We had a simple post-Valentine dinner date where conversation centered on our work and politics. We went back home in the comfort of our basement home-office. I finished the hour long video of Jay Neill. Then over red wine, we argued over our brand logo design, the choice of color, and its place on the header. We finally agreed to disagree and published it.

Moving on to the Activity Dashboard to see who we can help.

Happy Friday everyone!

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BillandSue Premium
Hi Louie & Gigi,
Glad you had a special evening.

I put a neat picture (as least I thought is was neat, a picture of Wake Island from an airborne KC-135) and just a simple written name for the website. Very plain and simple.

This I did by accident several years ago. I will use Canva on other websites we have.

Sue tends to stay in the background rather than being to much involved in detail.

Have a great weekend and many more wonderful "dates'.

Louie-Gigi Premium
Thanks Bill!
Canva is quite easy to use. And yes, we used the simplest design too.

Here's to future dates. :-)

ElaineSmith1 Premium
Sounds like you all are going to make a great team.

Tried and true

Melissa901 Premium
Sounds great to me
a1jonuk Premium
Sounds a good way to “discuss” brand design , logo etc although a good real ale would have been the choice of lubricant for me.
Louie-Gigi Premium
Well you know, we American don't drink beer at room temperature. :-) And since its winter, we decided to skip the cold brew. Lol! Happy Friday!
jlclayton1 Premium
Sounds like you had a great night, have a good weekend!