To HootSuite or Not To HootSuite That Is The Question....

Last Update: May 30, 2013

Hello everyone! Please check-in with your comments regarding HootSuite.

Do you use it? If so, does it really make a difference/save time?

If you don't use it, is it a preference/why not.

I would love some feedback on this one.

Thank you much!

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1MR Premium
I use it to schedule retweets so my followers don't get bombarded when I'm working my 15 minutes of socialness magic.
Zinglon Premium
I started up with Hootsuite yesterday. But, then, I have a specific target of highly technical professionals which I want to help found a community. Which I'm already a part of by being a game developer.

I'm leaving it on Auto, though, so I'm just merely using it as a post forwarder. Save me effort. Eventually I might consider the more targeted marketing, but that's a lot more for real businesses.
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Lorrie, the question really is whether you want to spend the time on Social networking like this. Tweeting, or FB'ing to an audience that is 100% interested in what you've got to say is one thing, but most people have twitter and FB followings who are friends and family, and people who are in no way interested in anything specific. In this case spending time on social networking is a waste of time.

With regard to a following that is HIGHLY targeted, then you "might" get some benefit from using HootSuite, but social networking doesn't produce results a lot of the time. It makes sense for branding if you own a product, but as an independent marketer, even with the most targeted following, you won't get much at all from FB or Twitter. Followings on those networks are pretty useless and you can see this by response to tweets or FB posts. Most get little to no feedback because the audience are completely disengaged.

I'd rather see you spend time on your website writing content and building your reach. Spending time on "things that matter" and "make a difference", in your business.

SO, my answer is not to bother spending time on social marketing campaigns using HootSuite.

HootSuite is out of Vancouver and my Cousin actually works for them. I see value in their product for companies for branding etc, but very little engagement actually happens on Social Networks. Twitter and FB followings typically do not equate to conversions for Internet marketers unless the audience is hyper targeted. FB ads can give you this kind of targeting, but most people who have followings do not get much at all.

Have a read of this post by Kyle:

lorriebrown3 Premium
This is incredible information to me. I would have never thought so much effort could be wasted trying to build a FB following. Thank you much, Carson for the insight and helping me keep the most important thing the most important thing.

Your WA FAN!
Carson Premium Plus
You are more than welcome Lorrie. Kyle and I have invested a lot of time into social networking over the years and our views of how it can benefit folks here at WA was tarnished when we ourselves saw little benefit in being "Social". This is not to say that you shouldn't have "Share" buttons on your website, or that you shouldn't share helpful information that you find here at WA, or elsewhere. I'm simply saying that investing time into Social networking is not going to benefit you as much as you might think.

Glad that this had helped you out!