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Hello everyone! Please check-in with your comments regarding HootSuite. Do you use it? If so, does it really make a difference/save time? If you don't use it, is it a preference/why not. I would love some feedback on this one. Thank you much!
I want to send a shout out to all the WA Mother's. I believe we all have a special something to join the WA community to make our lives better. Which adds so much to our families in return. As mother's we are use to hard work and that's what we have here at WA. Just a different kind of work. And a special shout out of all the Mom's here with young children and I say to you don't quit and learn all you can from WA and by next Mother's Day things will be so much sweet
Over the past few years I have been trying to grasp the keyword process concept to the fullest. I realize my lack of focus and not taking the time to buckle down to understand the complete picture has delayed my progress some what! (A few years sorry to say) However, during that time I have learned the pieces of the puzzles quite well however, still slow to put them together for the complete picture.I am glad to report, since the first of the year when I join WA I've had an AH HA moment.
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April 16, 2013
In light of the tragic event in Boston, I think it would be in order to start a post to send out our thoughts, prayers and love for any of our WA membership affected by the bombings yesterday. Please join me in sharing words of encouragement and love."My heart is heavy and I'm prayer for comfort and strength for all those affected by the bombings in Boston yesterday."
There is a scripture that states....Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. ~ Proverbs 4:7 I find the last part "with all thy getting get understanding." to be so very helpful to me while I'm building my business. As I'm moving forward with the training and lessons there are times when I have to stop, take a deep breath, walk away, and come back to it. Then I say to myself "get an understanding on what's actually going on."O
I was reading The Crazy Guru's blog post this morning and she address something a never really thought about....Privacy Online!Does anyone have suggestions on what measures we can take to protect ourselves/privacy online beyond the well known anti-virus software?Just curious.Thank you much!
March 11, 2013
It's amazing to me how Monday mornings can be such an inspiration. It's the beginning of a new week and the close of a very productive weekend. As I move through Bootcamp, I'm finding myself more and more excited to see how things are coming together. Questions are answered the I couldn't figure out on my own. All because I joined WA and I'm following members as they are taking actions from the Bootcamp lessons. They are so encouraging. Along with the fact, I'm goi
March 02, 2013
As I'm working through the WA Bootcamp, I'm reminded of my network marketing training from back in the day. (mid-80's). They drilled in us BE ~ DO ~ HAVE! I'm sure many of you have heard of it.It means be the person you want the be right now by doing the right things that will make you the person you want be and you will have the things of the person you want to become.I have heard may different version of this over the years however, for me and how it relates to building a succ
February 22, 2013
I decided to promote WA as my 1st affiliate site. I'm still going to use what I am learning to improve current website however, as I went though the 1st and 2nd day of the Bootcamp Course it made since for me to start from the beginning and follow the process along with the training. It's exciting to select my new keyword and domain name for my new site. I was pleasantly surprise to find out that hosting is included in our WA membership. It's also great to read how others here at
Hello everyone! Please take a look at my website. What are your thoughts? Would you build on this site or start from scratch?www.labsbs.comI haven't touched it in a while and since joining WA I'm interested in moving toward including WA as my focus for small business owners? More along the lines of education in moving from traditional to online marketing for small business owners?Feedback is greatly appreciated.