Build On or Start From Scratch?

Last Update: Feb 6, 2013


Hello everyone!

Please take a look at my website. What are your thoughts? Would you build on this site or start from scratch?

I haven't touched it in a while and since joining WA I'm interested in moving toward including WA as my focus for small business owners? More along the lines of education in moving from traditional to online marketing for small business owners?

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Hey Crazy Guru ~ Yes! I'm going to keep it. I have some new ideas to play with in my new direction for it. Thank you for the feed back.

I would build on from here, changing/adding content as you go forward with WA, or a new business direction. There is too much valuable structure work done already to scrap it I would suggest,

Thank you, hudson for the feedback!

I say keep the site. WA will just be another option or benefit to them. That will just let them know you are leading them in the right direction.

Awesome. Thank you, Randolphg

"including WA as my focus for small business owners" - are you going to get your customers to join WA? if you did that....(based on the nature of your website) they would not be your customers anymore. They would become your peers..... right?

I suggest you keep this site, it does have a lot of potential. Unless you plan to focus on a different niche. I say still keep that site even if you build a new one.

Also, what is that sociable plugin in the top right? It's really cool.

Kamali ~ Thanks for the feedback. I am finding my clients want to learn more and I'm doing training. WA would be a perfect fit. So it will still work out if I am promoting WA as an affiliate. Also the sociable plug in came with the wp theme. I will find out what it is and let you know. Again. Thanks for the feedback.

I would still tread cautiously with this one. Or if you do recommend your customers come to WA you might want to think about how you can offer even more value as a consultant.

I believe this site has lots of potential. Why would you do it from scratch?

Hey jpesut ~ Good question. I'm going to do some working on it. Thank you for the feedback.

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