Anyone out there?

Last Update: April 11, 2017

I was just wondering if there were any other pet lovers here at WA. I'm talking about the ones that treat their pets as family.

Here in my home town, people leave their dogs tied up even if they have a fence, no protection from the elements, half the time no fresh water, and left standing in their own mess. Heck, they don't even spend time with their pet.

Since I'm such a critter lover, I have earned quite a few bad names, just because I will knock on their door and tell them about how to take care of their pet. I wont lie, I have even resorted to theft of a pet just to get them out of a bad situation and to find them a better home, their forever home. I know its wrong, but I call it saving a life.

Here at my house all my animals are family. (8% of them have been recused from the shelter or from other people that just don't know how to take care of them.

I worked at a shelter for 6 years, and the things I saw would send chills down your spine. But working there I learned so much about people, the good and the bad. I worked closely with our vet and learned hundreds of different treatments for dogs and cats.

One year while working for the shelter I went to all the schools and gave lectures to kids on how to take care of their pet, answered their questions and even handed out permission slips to take home to the parents, about coming to the shelter and volunteering to walk dogs, pet the cats and even help clean the kennels.

As for me I have rescued all sorts of animals, dogs, cats, snakes, tarantulas, my 2 raccoons, a calf which stayed inside my house until I found it a forever home, and most resent a pot belly pig whose name is tootsie. She is the newest addition to my family and she is spoiled rotten.

Well that's enough about my critters and my complaining, I really do ramble when it concerns pets. Thanks for reading WA.

Health tip for your dog.

Original Bounce dryer sheets, rub your dog down with a sheet, it will protect your dog from flies and mosquitoes . Heck, tuck one in your pocket and it will protect you to.

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DPissy Premium
My son loves big dogs and daughter cats! Myself both pets!
jewels44 Premium
Build your site around that I think that would be a great niche that you can scale into a great business ideal
Oyz49 Premium
Hi I love animals, cats, dogs, horses, etc. Big dogs is my favorite.
jewels44 Premium
There is quite a few here at WA
Redsedge Premium
I do love animals. They're all beautifully spirits. It's truely when they're mistreated, but people seem to bite off more than they can chew. They get an pet but they don't know how to take care of it. Because the pet doesn't behave the way they're supposed to people give up and then the crap starts. It's a viscious cycle that can be quelled posibly by educating the would be owner about the pet they are going to buy. Ours in success and well being.
loriC1 Premium
Thank you so much for understanding. My web is on adopting or I call rescuing. Just going to give advice and guidance on owning and rescuing a new pet.
Have a great day.