Premium Upgrade at Wealthy Afflilates

Last Update: December 09, 2018

I just turned the corner and I'm heading down the road to SUCCESS! Wow, this woman is ready to take on the challenge.


Finally, I have found the support system I need to move forward in my journey. Wealthy Affiliates is more than just a platform to work from, it is a whole community of like-minded individuals who pull together to make it happen. Truly, I have never felt more welcome and secure in a program as I do with Wealthy Affiliates.


It only took me a few days to make my decision to move on to the next step, which is FOWARD. As I moved through the training modules, I was amazed how quickly I could grasp the information. I'm certainly not a Techie, yet here I have already built a Website to work from. I have already learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to define my niche. Working with keywords seems simple now. Look at me, I'm learning a new language too.... Internet Marketing!


Now that I am a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliates, I will continue stepping forward and learning from some of the Greatest Teachers I have ever come across. I want to thank all the Community Members who have walked this path before me who are now holding my hand. This is not a dark scary place that I have entered. No, I definitely see the light!

Thanks to all of you.


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JeannineC Premium
I think all of the community support is one of the best things about WA. I'm so glad you already know you are among friends who have your back. Success following WA doesn't happen overnight, but that's also why it keeps working forever, rather than having to keep building new sites based on fly by night systems.
LKick Premium
Certainly among friends here! Thanks for connecting.
Marley2016 Premium
Welcome to Premium so glad to have you with us.
LKick Premium
Thank you. I'm happy to be here.
C-Lab Premium
Yo Welcome to the Fold!
Yeah, this is definitely a new language!
I'm new here myself but I've been digging into all of the training and tools as well as getting the know the community.
This is the best place around and you won't regret it!
(unless you don't take any action, but it doesn't look like that is your path)

The coolest part about the training here?
It low-key plays the system with SEO.
By asking you to pick "low hanging fruit", write a certain number of blog posts, and get site feedback and comments from your fellow WA members, your site ends up indexing and ranking quicker than it would if you started all by yourself.
Sneaky huh?
But it gives us an edge!

The people here are really excellent too, they'll give you good advice without any bs attached; all you have to do is ask!
Also there is a TON of training, both official and unofficial, so you'll always have something new and exciting to learn!

Anyways good choice on going Premium!
Good luck with your business and have a great journey!
LKick Premium
Hey C-Lab, thank you so much. I really appreciate your support and encouragement.