My online work formula

Last Update: April 25, 2016

I have just finished the initial training here at WA (the online entrepreneur certification), and I am feeling pretty relieved! Obviously this is really only the beginning, but what a great start. 3 of my keywords are ranking-not on the first page, but within the first 5-9 pages. Not amazing but at least they are there.

Alexa Ranking.

My Alexa ranking was at 16,243,052 initially and has now jumped to 11,595,871. One of the top sites in my niche sits at around 60,000. So obviously a big gap, but the fact I jumped from 16Million to 11 million in the space of a few weeks tells me I must be doing something right.


Frankly I am still confused about this one. I just don't really know enough about google analytics to make sense of it all, but from what I can gather I so far have had 490 page views. Only 3.47% of that is organic search, and I am assuming that is the metric we really want to grow! But, I am going to go and do some training on all this soon so I can totally nail google analytics and the Webmaster tools so I have more of a clue there so I can set some goals around traffic. Other than writing content and doing everything the training suggests, I don't know how to set goals for traffic yet because I don't really know what I am looking at.

My online work formula.

After completing the 10th lesson in the 5th section of the certification training I spent a good amount of time thinking about goals. Ever since I have started here at WA I have been feeling like I need some kind of rhythm to work with, some kind of routine to help me be as productive as I can. I have a toddler and I work, so I don't have heaps of time up my sleeve. I was wishing someone could just say 'spend this amount of time on that, and this amount of time on that etc etc and do this each day until you generate the income you want. Well, I decided I needed to make my own formula to maximize my time and productivity. Here it is:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday-Write blog posts (an hour for each)

Tuesday Thursday, Saturday-Get site comments (spend 30 minutes for each day)

Everyday: 5 minutes on Facebook, 5 minutes on Twitter and 5 minutes on Google + either building networks, sharing and liking.

Everyday: WA networking-building relationships, helping out reading other blogs etc etc. (10 minutes each session)

Monday-Friday-30 minutes a day on further WA training.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday-Leave a comment on a website in my niche. This starts the process of networking to eventually do guest blog posts.

I did this all up in a brain storming chart in mindmeister. Here it is:

It breaks down to spending roughly 1.5 hours per day everyday doing all these things. Obviously some days will be lighter (eg Sunday), and other days I will spend more time than this. But I wanted to set something that felt achievable. I think consistency is the key and building good habits.

I will evaluate the traffic again in a month when I have more data as I think it is still too early to tell anything at this stage.

Setting a timer on each task is where the magic happens!

I managed to get a blog post done in an hour tonight-which is a massive improvement and it was all because I was working in a really focussed way-with a timer on. It also means I am less likely to waste time on social media and get in and get out to achieve what I want. It is way too easy to go down a rabbit hole as soon as you get on social media.

Goal Tracker App.

I am using an iOS app called 'Strides' to help me track my progress each week and ensure I meet my targets. I have only set goals for up to three months as I don't think there is a lot of point setting beyond that at this page. The BIG goal is 100K per year. I know where I am going, but setting smaller goals beyond three months at this stage seems a little pointless. Content and google trust really has to be top priority at this point I think.

Let me know if you think I am on the right track! Thanks for reading.

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MattyBx Premium
wow that is a great schedule and I am going to mimic it myself. Thanks for the encouragement and I agree that without a schedule we are doomed. Especially if we are managing more than one site.
What are your site addresses anyway? What is your niche? We should all be helping each other out at WA by paying it forward and going to each others sites and commenting willingly. Moreso than just the comments section of WA. Clicking on ads and amazon links to help each other, not just ourselves
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks Matty! My web addresses are and

What about yours?
I agree we should help each other out by commenting on each other's sites. Might be less time consuming than the comment platform.
zoeccess Premium
I love this idea. Thank you!
LizHennessy Premium
My pleasure!
DianneBee Premium
I'm copy/pasting this! You are superbly organized! I also use a timer and it's very helpful. Now I'm going to find mindmeister. I also use a paper calendar diary with a full note page to keep track of what I've done. It's illegible by the end of the week lol.
Loes Premium
Looks like a real plan:) Very organized!
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks Loes. I am actually a bit of a scatter brain so need solid structures in place to keep me grounded!
Loes Premium
That would not be so bad for me too;)
JudeP Premium
You definitely seem to have great focus and commitment - I would say you're doing just fine :)
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks Jude! Hopefully the plan will pay off. :)