What A Wild Ride This Month

Last Update: July 19, 2017

Working on my blog this past month became a little difficult as more priorities started flooding through. I am very grateful to work on my website little by little and although I am waaaaaaaay behind my weekly goals for my site, I am glad to see some progress coming along. One thing I realized about website management is the need to constantly learn more about the industry of marketing and content writing.

Consistency is key, but you can also be consistent in doing the wrong thing. Taking time to test out difficult techniques of marketing within your site is a great way to see how your audience makes decisions to buy. Learning the sales funnel has been a great study for me and I can now say that I am ready to move forward to moving my website to the next level to grow my subscribers even more.

As an encouragement to you all, always evaluate and reflect on what you have done so far and how you can improve for the future. I can truly say that I am now a business woman making steady income for my family and I love it! I pray others will be able to experience the same success while enjoying the ride up.

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Pernilla Premium
Hello Liz!
It sounds great that your coming along so good with your online business. It motivates me to keep going.
MKearns Premium
Sometimes the peaks and valleys are close together Elizabeth!
Liz1234 Premium
Oh yes!
accad Premium
Good inspiration.