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Working on my blog this past month became a little difficult as more priorities started flooding through. I am very grateful to work on my website little by little and although I am waaaaaaaay behind my weekly goals for my site, I am glad to see some progress coming along. One thing I realized about website management is the need to constantly learn more about the industry of marketing and content writing. Consistency is key, but you can also be consistent in doing the wrong thing. Taking time
So I decided to hold back on school to focus on building my business. College debt is REAL! And I felt that it would be wiser to keep focus on building wealth long term so I could actually pay for college as I go. My husband likes the plan and I feel that I have a shot.Now another thing that I am realizing is that I can't maintain more than 1 website. I try it but I just can't. My life is so demanding and it is becoming very hard to find things to discuss in regard to MLM's and other affiliates
This month has been such a crazy one! I am really starting to invest more time into on writing 2-3 posts a week on relevant topics. I have my daughter to take care of while I work, but I am taking advantage of this first year to really grow my business to its fullest potential. Well, I guess some hard work is paying off since I was contacted by a company that is willing to send me their product to review for FREE. I was so shocked to see this email in my inbox s
A few days ago, I received about $1500 from 2 checks I earned in Affiliate marketing with just one post on my site. Then, the next day I received a $1600 check from natural products I sold last month. I couldn't believe that this happened so quickly and I was still wondering if making a full time income is really possible every month or more?Then, I talked with an old friend of mine from school who have two websites that bring in $25,000 all together in revenue a month! I was so shocked and she
There is so much that has happened in the last week an I can truly say that God answers prayers! Within the past 4 days, we have received 3 checks in the mail for over $3,000! My husband and I was so shocked and all we could do was fall to our knees! So many miraculous things has happened that I can only just say THANK YOU! We can now purchase a nicer camera that I would like to use to produce better quality pictures and video for my website an future Youtube channel. I'm just trying to keep at
I love Pinterest! What woman doesn't? But after going into the "back office" of their site, it really made me a little frustrated....There are so many tutorials about how to make a pin and link it to your website but none of those tutorials were working for me for some reason. So I finally sat down and found a much easier way to making pins and bringing in traffic through Pinterest without spending hours on it. I hope to share it with you all because I can't tell you how many people are on Pint
My site ( has only been up for about 2 months now and I am already starting to see my number of viewers and shares increasing throughout social media. I was seriously expecting to see these results for another 5 months or so but God is truly working. For other newbies out there in online business...keep the passion and don't be afraid to share what you made with others. I feel like a lot of people tend to hide behind a username and picture; only willing to conve
This morning my daughter and I went to the grocery store and met the most joyful man I have ever met. He was humbly sitting on a bench just smiling and talking to people as they walked by. He had a business suit on but didn't seem like he was going anywhere. While my daughter and I was passing he asked about my daughter and the weather. We talked for about 5 minutes as I waited for my husband to pick us up. Then, he started to tell his story: He has been homeless for the last two years and has
April 17, 2017
It's been a whole month since I launched my website and I am so happy about the results I am seeing! My friends and family love my site and I can't be more proud! I definitely have some plans in expanding but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and RUSH. I discovered a few natural events I'm going to attend on the east coast this summer to promote my site and get some more exposure. I can't wait because the Natural Community is really growing as more people are choosing coconut oil over Crisc
April 07, 2017
Finally went through the Certification! I really enjoyed everything I learned and applied to my website. It's still good to know that I can still get help and that is what makes WA so much more valuable! I just hope to share what I learned with others and keep it going!