Last Update: December 12, 2017

I would just like to let everyone know that I took a break yesterday because this has been a bit overwhelming for me!As you know I have neurological damage that causes me short term memory loss.Since,I have been trying to do this, I can definitely tell the difference!

I never did really know what neurological damage meant until now!That's why I have so much confusion and get aggravated till the point of crying!I can't afford to pay the monthly membership and was told that I'd not be able to interact with you all!I'm deeply depressed because of this!I have someone from Able that is going to call and schedule an appointment with me to be of help!

I'm really going to miss you all because you all became as family to me!I pray for the best for each and all!Now,I don't know what to do with my Google indexed site.

Love you all!!!

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IClaeys30 Premium
Prayong for u...tale care!
stawhu Premium
Wishing you the best Scott
RandyL1 Premium
Sending my prayers to you!

CarolMeador Premium
That's good advice, David. Hope something can be done to help Lisa. Carol