Winners Never Quit!

Last Update: February 20, 2014

A few hours ago I up graded to "Premium Member" at Wealthy Affiliate. This is not the first program that I have been a part. i have spent a lot of time working to build a successful online business. I wouldn't say that the time I spent was wasted, quite the opposite. All of the time and training that I have accumulated up to this point will drive my efforts to be a success with Wealthy Affiliate.

There is one thing that attracted me to Wealth Affiliate and that is the the community structure that has been build among it's members. The other programs that I have been a part of pretty much left you on your own. Many times I felt frustrated that I couldn't get answers to the questions I had. I dislike being stuck and not having a clue where to get support.

I'm going to excuse myself right now because I have a website to build. Wish me luck, I hope the same for your business.

Thank You,


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Good luck man!
x4xbazzyx4x Premium
Good luck!
divadebbie Premium
Good luck and I look forward to visiting your completed website.
ademolarin Premium
Hi all,
My name is Adewumi, and i joined WA about two days ago, i did my research on WA and discovered that pple had a whole lot of positive things to say about WA. Hope to have a wonderful experience with the WA community.
Showgun1970 Premium
You are right. Winners do not quit. One can gain little to nothing my doing so and much too lose by not trying. Wonderful thought Lion.
lionelp Premium
Thank you for your kind comments. I anticipate much success for you with your own online business.
elske Premium
Hi Lionel, I recognise what you're saying here. Good luck!
didihorizon Premium
When you quit is just before your next big brake!!!
ShirleyNot Premium
Yep, winners never quit...and quitters never win! Your dedication and determination will take you far. Well done!
BIS Premium
Congratulations Lionel. Wishing you every success. :) Beverley
Christene9 Premium
Great to see some positive feedback Lionel. I am sure that you will reach many goals with this program and grow into a successful online businessman. Keep up the good work with your website, we can't wait to see the end result.
lionelp Premium
Thank you Christine, you are part of the reason I'm here. I read your review about um, what's the company and was introduced to WA.
StinaC Premium
Welcome to premium Lionel! I have to agree. All the crap I went through to find WA has definitely served a purpose. Now we are in the right place to use all that information. Not mention appreciate all the support here as it is lacking every where else! Here's to a very successful 2014!!