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Last Update: February 26, 2014

Hello Wealthy Affiliate Community!

This post is for every Starter and Premium member that was found value in Wealthy Affiliate. No matter how long you have been here or how far along you have progressed, you have greatness within you and a valuable experience that someone else can find inspiration from.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below on the following fours questions

1. What brought you to Wealthy Affiliate? (Did you needed money for retirement, layoff, sickness, bankruptcy, foreclosure, school)

2. How did you know Wealthy Affiliate was not a scam?

3. Since you have been here at Wealthy Affiliate are you fulfilling your goals in life? (financial, life, family, spiritual, educational etc.)

4. What have you found to be most attractive about Wealthy Affiliate? (free membership, free websites, the training, the inspiring online community, the money… explain)

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mamazepp Premium
okay, here goes....
1. During unemployment I used all my retirement money and am on empty.
2. Research and more research with news and other online info from reliable sources.
3. I am happier with the community and spiritual uplifting attitudes. I haven't been here long enough for the financial to kick in yet. Educationally, I have learned a LOAD of information about site building and the internet.
4. The community, the training and whatever else comes out of it (in that order).
Sui_generis Premium
Wanted something that wasn't a scam to work from home after I retired. I've always loved to write and scrapbook so this is a great fit for me. I'm not earning money yet, but I feel confident that it will come in time and I'm getting closer everyday. The training is phenomenal and I've learned a LOT which makes me feel good.
WrightA Premium
1. I've had arthritis since birth and now have little to no cartilage left in my knee and ankle. After falling down at work a few times, my fiancee convinced me it's time to start listening to my body and find work I can do from home.
2. I read several reviews with faces attached to them, watched several videos about how the system works, and was able to try it out myself for free.
3. Ha, not even close! Try planning a wedding and not knowing how you'll pay for it. I'm told that I should start seeing money soon though.
4. I feel like I'm doing something productive. It keeps me going, thinking, interacting from the comfort of my couch. As far as WA is concerned, I love the training and team atmosphere. We are all here to better ourselves and our financial situations, and yet we help each other and work together as a team. There aren't any cut-throat antics but instead words of encouragement and sharing new thoughts and ideas.

Yes, it is great to be in WA!!!
WJC Premium
1.) Wanted to learn what it takes to build a business online.
2.) I was allowed to enter the site and see what value was there instead of buying blind! For me, it eliminated the scam factor.
3.) Yes, a step forward, without question.
4.) There is value in all of it. It's an attractive package as a whole!
Jaweda2k Premium
1. Looking to create my own business so that I did not have to work for anyone else.

2. I didn't prior to joining. However, it felt right they way that they introduce you to everything.

3. My life has been so much better since I have joined in so many different aspects. Mainly because I can now see my future ahead of me and it is a bright light at the end of the tunnel!

4. The way the training is presented and how it is tied into this great community.