Touching Base!

Last Update: June 01, 2015

Well, I have been out of the WA loop again. The world and its many challenges threw another curve my direction and I had to hunker down and handle a couple of legal matters. One is in the hands of a judge now, the other is still looming, but I just wanted to reconnect here in my WA world.

Checking IN!

As always there are MANY new faces since beginning my brief hiatus. I have only been skimming along here being inundated in my personal world. If you are new to WA then I send you a hearty welcome! Whether a seasoned member or new I hope you will read on in this internal WA post for a word or two of encouragement.

A Learning Curve Meets A Life Curve Ball

If there is anything to be learned from my experiences it is this...You may have to step away from your work or lessons here for a bit, but you can step right back in and get back into the swing of things just by 'being present' again.

My encouragement to you is to most certainly keep up with your membership fee and stay tuned in as best you can. Do NOT quit because life has thrown a curve ball at you. You can hit that curve ball right out of park!

I really love what I have created with my website and from a post I recently composed on emergency preparedness ( for families of special needs kids I found a marvelous local company who is reaching out to communities and the families of autistic children. They are I am beginning to engage with them over a couple of things that should be mutually beneficial for our business and outreach efforts. If you have a child on the autism 'spectrum' you most certainly should visit their site.

The reason they exist is because of their experience as firefighters. Wandering and childhood drowning have posed significant risks for autistic children. In Arizona, we have allot of swimming pools and drownings are horrible tragedies that happen every single summer! An absolutely sobering statistic is that 91% of drowning deaths in children are autistic kiddos. This is alarming and frightening and I want to get the 'word' out to families about this important subject. Heightening awareness is the first step in prevention! Then we have to take action, even as we must in this community and our lessons if we are to grow an internet marketing business.

Justin Lewis, the face and one of the founding members of Firefighters Vs Autism.

So... I am back in the saddle, doing research, and preparing to write a new blog post to my website I am convinced that as has been the experience of so many here, in time there will be the satisfaction of doing good work, completing the hard word of creating a business AND yes in time establishing an income too.


Today...I just wanted to touch base with my Wealthy Affiliate community. I haven't left you. I have just been snowed under, in the middle of spring, and consumed with utter fatigue surrounding my family's legal matters. With all of it I just couldn't get my head up long enough to get some writing and studying done.

“White village”. Tadami line has been running the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture. Winter of Aizu region is famous as one of the leading heavy snowfall area in Japan. (Photo and caption by Hideyuki Katagiri/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

I hope you are all well and that you are keeping at this. We know in time it will reap results! One of the best results is this community! You will learn and grow and be supported as you strive to create your websites. Persevere! Yes indeed, persevere and produce and just don't give up!

May your day be filled with smiles! And don't forget to look up when you feel down. You simply cannot cry if you are physically looking up. Look up and smile!

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wamnymkr Premium
Thanks for the post. I have been in a funk lately. I'm trying two new ventures at the same time while still trying to go through both courses and deal with a pre-teen and 2 year old. My mind is mush and my content is suffering. Maybe it's vacation time ..... Nice to see you are back!
Rich908 Premium
a privilege to connect with you
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Anyone who has a life and is trying to work with WA will have these issues. Even if you're only just promoting wa and not doing your own thing. The key is juggling all of these tests and still moving forward. Best of luck to you.
lindasea Premium
TRUE, SO TRUE. I always say that each day is sufficient for its own do what you can with each day as it comes to you, one day at a time.

Juggling, yup that's it and move forward. Thank you much for the feedback.
tomtitty006 Premium
I love your determination,welcome back and I love those photos.
lindasea Premium
Hello Mark.

Very glad to see you are still in the mix. Thank you for the feedback. Its good to hear that something was good enough to capture your interest and glad that determination is what popped up to the surface.

"-) Linda
VanessaN Premium
Hi Linda, good to know you are back into the swing of things. I hope everything works out well with the legal issues soon enough, so that you can put that hurdle to rest.
lindasea Premium
Thanks MUCH! Me too and that's for sure.

Hope things are going and doing well in your world!