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In my last post I talked about front-loading the work where you essentially work on your site until you have something to launch and to keep your going, while you work on new content.Now say you decide you want to post daily and you want to have 1 weeks (7) worth of posts ready to go when you launch and 3 weeks worth of posts to keep the site going while you work on more content (21) and you want to have 3 pages up and running.This means you have 30 pieces of content to write. As you have to wr
November 07, 2018
I love the phrase front loading the work. I first heard Ramit Sethi use it. And it applies to a lot of things really. It basically means doing the work up front and reaping the rewards later.Passive income is only generated because you front-loaded the work. First you build a website, then you build an audience, then you build your product and only then do you sell it. This also applies to your affiliate website. And this is where I take little bit of a different approach than Kyle and Carson t
With all the online business opportunities it may seem like there are new ways of making money online every single day. But in all fairness, it's not. None of those opportunities are new and most of all, they aren't that much different frome each other.Basically any online business revolves around the same things:You have something to sellYou have an audience to sell it tooDoes this seem too simple? Maybe, but this is in essence what it's all about. It even applies to affiliate marketing. Let m
November 01, 2018
Planning is important. If you go on a trip you plan it so you know you will get to your destination. If you go to school and have a midterm, you plan it so you can study for it and actually show up to your exam.Planning is important in every aspect of your life. In health, for work and also for wealth. Planning your progress here at WA is very important, but don't just plan for your site, take it a little bit further.RoutinesIf you work full time and want to build a business (or at least a mone
I see a lot of people saying that they find it very difficult to start or even to conseive being successful online as they have no prior knowledge of marketing, content or affiliate marketing.But I actually believe that having no experience in building websites can be a huge asset to you. Here's why.Blank CanvasYou are an absolute blank canvas. You have no bias towards anything and you are not crippled by thinking you know how to build a website or how to be an affiliate marketer and therefor w
Before you think, of course she loves WA I bet she has made plenty of money here, I want to let you know that I have been with WA for a little over 2 years now and have NOT made any money online yet.For one simple reason. I don’t really have a website up yet. I started a few, then changed my mind mid project and started over a few more times. Then I completely stopped for a bit to figure out my next move. Way to many ideas and ambitions and too little time! But I know affiliate marketing
October 26, 2018
You are working and living pay check to pay check. Not a very comfortable feeling is it? But getting a second job or a side hustle isn’t that easy. You have to be able to fit it in with your current work schedule and your family life. Or you’re a student and your class schedule constantly chances and so does the work load. How are you supposed to hold a job while studying for mid-terms and going to class? Or maybe you run your own business that is not yet bringing in the big buck