Celebrate the Diversity of Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: September 11, 2020

This is a poem I wrote a while back and seeing it again today made me realise that this is essentially Wealthy Affiliate.

We work together, help each other and celebrate the diversity of people and knowledge.

No one labels anyone else, we are all just people, part of the human race, standing tall together.

We show the world that it is possible to have an amazing community without labels apart from our names.

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philmedia Premium Plus
Diversity is close to my heart Linda, so you are spot on with this and so nice to see it expressed so well. It is interesting that so many organisations around the world struggle with it and yet here it happens organically set by the tone think. I really enjoyed reading this. Phil
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Phil.
Though I wrote the poem a few months ago, it was only seeing it the other day that made me realise how much the WA community is a kind of Utopia.
RamiSociable Premium
Great thoughts and ideals and come to think of it, WA is a diverse place.

I don't doubt it is achievable as you rightly say it is here albeit virtual.

The meddling by others who are greedy, not so compassionate and without empathy have the same aim unfortunately only their objective is for a plantation where they are able to extract interest on the debt of all, as they do now only in an institutional form not personal ensnarement as they wish.

Have a great day,

Linda103 Premium
Thank you Rami, I think it is achievable. The world is continuing to go through much upheaval but is stumbling its way in the right direction.
The greedy, the meddlers that cause dissension and do harm, all those with dark souls, their time is running out and they know it.

I wish you a wonderful and amazing day and weekend Rami. Have fun.
RamiSociable Premium
I trust you will be right!!;

Wishing you the same Linda!!;)
Tirolith Premium
"You like this", is not good enough for Your poem.

Magnificent, powerful are just some of my thoughts.

"We are all a masterpiece in life. We just have to prove it." Tom Short.

“All you value for a quality life is within you and only needs your response now.” Tom Short.

“A better choice For Yourself shows all a better a better choice for themselves.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time,

Tom Short.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Tom, I appreciate your kind words.

"We all have a super power, we just have to find it"
Farah20 Premium
Beautiful words Linda - society or rather mainstream media encourages seperation or labelling, which is a farce.
We are all one and our souls know nothing of sex, race, skin color but life. Thanks:)
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Farah, I agree. Labelling does separate as you say.
I agree too that we are all one, we are the human race.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
That's really good. We all stand together.
Linda103 Premium
Thank you Geoffrey. I agree we do all stand together.