This is so great!

Last Update: March 20, 2017

Just a quick note here, because remember that new job I mentioned? Yeah, it's a 30-minute highway drive to get there by 7:30 am, so I can't burn the midnight oil like I used to. I just have to comment that I am so excited to have my website up, domain name purchased, pages lined up, and words almost ready to make their debut online. I can't say enough good stuff about my experience here at WA so far!

The best part of this training for me has been the way each step has helped me to refine and focus on what I want to talk about with my readers. What started out as a fuzzy, one-word niche has opened up and organized itself into a vision I think I can really work with. I am so looking forward to all that I might actually be able to accomplish.

You know, I really want to earn some money, but having this much fun doing it makes that almost seem secondary to actually being able to do something I love.

Just a big, huge, grand, heartfelt thanks to all of you for making this journey a blast.


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ThomasPye Premium
Your doing awsome. Congratulations!
craigperry9 Premium
Maybe see you in Vegas Laura ;-)
Capu1 Premium
You are right. This is a great community.
Wishing you the best.
4uburn4me Premium
I've had such a great time here too.
accad Premium
There is so much to learn here at WA. Let's journey together to the land of promise: a land that flows with milk and honey.