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Hi, I'm Ruel, 42, from Philippines .... HAVE FUN....
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Everisingsun Premium
Hey Ruel, how's your studying going?. I hope you're knuckling down and getting into the groove of things. Things are pretty full on for me selling my home, shopping for an offline business and starting up a couple of online businesses as well, but I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I am here to help you if you're ever stuck on anything...I am only a message away!

Remember, this is your new found journey and the change of your mindset and financial future... so take it slowly, and make sure you absorb all the information here...it is worth gold if you are not a WA member.

Many blessings to you my friend, and may WA provide you with the knowledge to conquer your financial future online. Live life to the full!

Leur26 Premium
Thank you so much for the advise and for following me. I will let you know if i need help.
Leur26 Premium
hey carson, still studying and it looks great... thanks for the support. I really appreciate it.
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, many thanks for the follow!
Carson Premium
Hey Ruel! Today I just wanted to follow up with you to see how things are going! I hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself here within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I want to make myself available to answer any questions or help with anything as you are getting started! Please touch base with me if you ever need a hand with anything or are feeling stuck, I am here to help. :)
Kyle Premium
Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Online Business community. In the coming days you are doing to learn about how the Internet can be leveraged to earn a substantial amount of money online. BUT, before this can happen you need to understand that in order to achieve success at anything, it will take a bit of work and you will hit a few bumps in the road along the way.

That is why I am here and that is why there is a big community here that is behind you (and rooting for you) every step of the way. If you ever need anything Ruel, I am here to help so just let me know.

You can get started right away by working on the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course found here:

Everisingsun Premium

I am Everisingsun....welcome to my world of Wealthy Affiliate - I am so glad you made it!

Firstly, please let me congratulate you for taking that step towards chasing your dream!

You have just made a life changing opportunity for yourself, your family, and your financial future!. What you will learn here will open your eyes and your mind to the endless ways in how you can create a sustainable income working online. If you are as innovative and creative as I am, you will soon discover that being here at Wealthy Affiliate will give you the necessary knowledge, tools and never ending support and advice on how to run your online business better than any other organisation in the world!.

Make yourself at home, after all...we are now part of your family! - If you are determined to succeed online in business, I encourage you to always frequent here as much as you can...to learn...be inspired...and also to share and pass on your knowledge you have learnt here to new members who were once just like you!. You will very find quickly that we have a vibrant and helpful WA community that are full of knowledge and are more than willing to share the love of internet marketing unconditionally...simply because you are here....you're a member of our family!

Take a look around and when you're ready to start your first day learning how to become wealthy on the net, I suggest you go through the 'Getting Started' training modules found on the left side of your Dashboard. These will give you the core basics of how to find your own 'niche', finding the right keywords for your business, how to create top quality content, where and how you can build a website absolutley free and how to give your website a 'Tune Up' so you'll know the right way in getting traffic to your site! - Remember this....

Traffic is King - Content is Queen

If there is anything that you may be stuck on, post it out to the WA community in the live forum, in your own blog or anywhere you can type a message. You will always get assistance, most often from the big guns themselves Kyle and Carson. I may not always be around as I travel alot with my music and acting persuits, and also busy fulfilling my own online projects. But I will help you when I can...and if I can't help you...I will let you know. Although I am quite knowledgeable now in internet marketing, I am no internet Guru, but there are lots of six figure earning Wealthy Affiliates who are, so do not be embarrassed or shy in asking questions to the WA community....

Internet Marketers are not SHY, so if you are natrually shy - that's okay - I encourage you to practice your communication and writing sklills here. This is the best place to practice, practice, practice...for all things...even shyness :)

You will come to a point where you will find that Premium Membership offers way more opportunities than Free Starter members...This Is True!...but it is there for a reason. The Premium Tools, Webinars, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Web Hosting, and many other features in Premium Membership are only for those who are truly serious about changing thier life and making a positive step towards thier financial freedom. I encourage you to upgrade as soon as you can and start making your online dreams come to life!.

So study and learn my friend...work hard...but most importantly...apply what you learn here and PUT IT TO ACTION!!

Do not let this opportunity of a lifetime slip you by.....

Here's to your success here at Wealthy Affiliate!