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Last Update: Aug 21, 2020

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Hi folks,

What I find confusing is as to how to find a member's actual name that they preferred to be called... Often times the account name we've chosen might not be an accurate representation of our actual preferred name.

For instance, my name is Lesley, yet I had to set my name up as LesleyAnnH - the nearest I could get to what I wanted.

So, when I want to interact with another member, if they don't sign off a post with their name, or if they don't mention their preferred name in their bio, where do you find their name...?

The reason I'm asking is that, when I see that someone has followed me, and I send a message to say thank you, sometimes I can't find out what name to call them. Yet down the thread others are saying 'Hi A N Other...' and I look at the person's bio, though can't always find their name mentioned in said bio.

So I am "flummoxed".

Any tips..?

Thank you,


(postscipt) I've just revisited my bio and added my name to top and bottom of post =)

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Terrific post Lesley, my name is so easy, you can tell it right off the bat that is Joe. I often have the same problem you have, I just wait patiently until somebody either mentions their real name or preferred name or just don't use a name when I write back to them. You never know with WA members, some of them just don't want to seem to let anyone know their names, oh well so be it.


Thank you Joe

Great post, thanks for sharing.

Thank you @AlexEvans and @firstlearn Derek

I think this is what I do, though sometimes I don't see any definitive name, though see that other posts are addressing a particular name, and I'm wondering why i'm not seeing the name that should be addressed...?

Hi Lesley,
There can be a little bit of redundancy in the system as a rule of thumb we are all here to learn and what I find is that if you address a member by name or user name and you sign off then eventually they come around and start using their name. It just kind of happens by default.

Sometimes people do not want to use their name, an instance of this would be a female member who wants to remain with a degree of anonymity because of the toxicity of a relationship or relationship breakdown. That has been the case, sometimes they do not want others to actually know that they are involved in or learning about intent marketing.

Overall probably something not to be too concerned about, when the time is right people will step out from behind the curtain, it can be about building confidence. That is one of the powerful benefits of WA, giving people the ability to grow and develop.

If you position your mouse on the person's photo. a profile box appears, then if there is no other name I use the name that is in the message box as that is the name they registered with.


When we first come to the online world it can be hard for some to front, it can be fast paced and one of those things you do not address.

From a perspective of today's internet environment, if you are into marketing then it can be highly advantageous to front using your name.

For some it just takes time to build confidence.

Usually if you scroll the person's bio feed their name will be found there or on laptop just hover over their bio picture and there will be a pop up, their name is usually there.

In your case I would take your mange name to be Lesley.

Good to meet you.


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