My Greatest Fulfillment - being able to build my website

Last Update: December 29, 2014

Year 2014 is about to end and i would say the greatest fulfillment i had is having a website up and running. The domain name that started gaining authority over the internet. There are a lot of big names in the industry and 3d architecture rendering is highly competitive.

To be in this field is not an easy task, but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, my website has now a place in this world! It is just starting, and as I learn SEO and keyword research, possibilities are really endless. The conception and birth of my website is what I am really proud of. I would like to give a big welcome to

What is the success thus far?

The success is the participation of fellow artist and 3d enthusiast who have contributed their works of art. I'm so thankful that I have gained their trust and are supportive of supplying me their 3d architectural renderings. My greatest contributor are: Jason Sanga, Angelo Gonzales and Randy Francisco. You may not know them but their works are also published in my website.

As i look forward to 2015, I am optimistic that I will gain more audience as my facebook fanpage reached 345 likes. It is growing slowly but I believe the growth will be paralleled with the more contents i will be publishing in the future.

When i started my website, the health condition of my website was very poor. Now it's getting healthier. As i continue to build content and get people engaged, this is what i can see now:

My goal

I would like to publish more content, giving out more tutorials and and online learning in 3d modeling and rendering. I would like to see more contributors and audience participation.

Thanks everyone for taking some time reading my post!

Have a blessed New Year to all. God bless


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Leonardo2 Premium
wow! i got 32 people who registered on my website at one time! getting more traffic on my website...need to work more contents
Verina Premium
Happy New Year and Good Luck, Leo!!!
Leonardo2 Premium
Happy new year too Verina!
How's everything with you? Hope all is well.
Have a great 2015!
kennnyb Premium
You finally made it. Congratulations.
Leonardo2 Premium
Thanks Ken!
This is really a blessing!