Face your fears

Last Update: November 18, 2016

In every circumstances and every endeavour, we always encounter this word FEAR!

To help you conquer this, i would like to give an acronym of F-E-A-R:

F - False

E - Emotion

A - Appearing

R - Real

It's really true that we are afraid because we are just driven by our emotions. But we cannot under-estimate that because there are factors that affects our emotions, thus creating much fear in our hearts.

Where do we get fear?

1. This is acquired through our past failures. We become cautious and sometimes lead to become more fearful. Over-powered by this circumstance, we may become undecisive. Relying within our comfort zone, surely, we will never do any action.

2. Fear of the future mistake. This is what I call, the fear of the unknown. It's not happening yet, you already entertain that thought and emotion.

Both ways will give the same result - FEAR

If you have goals and want to achieve it, you must overcome your fear. Failures in the past and in different task does not mean you will fail again in your new endeavor. Keep trying and keep pushing. This way, i have two more acronyms for fear. It's up to you which one would you follow:

The CHOICE is really yours.

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ThomasPaul Premium Plus
I'm always amazed at how much easier it is for me to start something new and progress at it than it can be for me to progress at something that I've had a past failure with. Point number one about where fear comes from really resonates with my personal experience.
Leonardo2 Premium
I agree with starting with new and progress from it rather than doing the same thing over again.
Yes, Most fearss are really coming from the past failures. Dealing with it is very difficult to overcome if it has brought a lot of damage.
Its a matter of facing it and starting over again with much caution or leave you not doing anything.
If there are circumstances that you will have to do the same opportunity again with your past failure, it's a personal choice and a personal gauage of facing your fears once again. if you have overcome it and learned from the mistakes of the past, then better rise up and Keep trying while still young.

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