What Makes Your Secrets So Special?

Last Update: August 09, 2015

To Whom it may concern,
Please get over yourself and get your nonsense out of my newsfeeds!

I see so many people complaining nonsensically, not just on Facebook, but all over the internet about one privacy issue or another. Read any privacy policy out there (which most people don't ever do) and you would discover nowadays, long before you ever make a phone call, write an email, post a status update or create a comment on a blog post, you may have long given up your right to any kind of privacy.

A privacy policy doesn't grant you privacy

I chuckle when I see people on Facebook posting or sharing that crazy disclaimer that tells Facebook they don't have the right to share any of their information with anybody:

As noted on Snopes:
"Before you can use Facebook, you must indicate your acceptance of that social network's legal terms, which includes its privacy policy and its terms and policies. You can neither alter your acceptance of that agreement nor restrict the rights of entities who are not parties to that agreement simply by posting a notice to your Facebook account, citing the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), or referencing the Berne Convention. (One of the common legal talismans referenced above is UCC Section 1-308, which has long been popular among conspiracy buffs who incorrectly maintain that citing it above your signature on an instrument will confer upon you the ability to invoke extraordinary legal rights.)"

Read more at http://www.snopes.com/computer/facebook/privacy.as...

Did you not read the privacy policy before you signed up for Facebook? Or for that matter any type of account? It's surely not there to grant you privacy! Do you not realize that you've given Mark Z. and all the others (Google, Yahoo, etc.) full authorization to use anything you post, including any information you put within your profile or share with others, to use any way they see fit, and no less for perpetuity?

I have to question those people that are out shouting over the crowd about their privacy...

Are you the only one that has secrets no one should know about? "What makes your secrets so special?" ,or better yet, "Why do you have so many secrets to begin with?"

I'm a pretty transparent kind of fella...

I'm what you'd call an open book. There's nothing about my life I have to "hide" from others because I'm afraid someone will find out about it, or anything that I'm so ashamed about that I would worry myself to death if it ever made it out into the public limelight.

Believe me when I say that, because I'm certainly no angel. I've conquered my past to get where I am today. I've been in trouble with the law, drugs, consumer debt, repossession, divorce, jail (once in my life, and that's a 10 pager in itself!) Is this something I'm ashamed of? Absolutely not, it's the make-up of who I am and evidence of the struggles I've overcome.

What I think gets me most about those that post about privacy issues is that they must not understand what it is they are up against...let's take a look at how much privacy a person, at least one in the U.S., should expect to receive:

  • Do you own a cellphone, a smart phone?
  • Do you own a computer?
  • Do you have an email account?
  • Do you have a social media account?
  • Do you have a drivers license?
  • Do you own a vehicle?
  • Do you rent/own a home?
  • Did you go to school in the U.S.?
  • Do you have utilities?
  • Do you file your taxes?
  • Have you ever been involved in a court case?

What cracks me up is that I usually find the people complaining have all of these!

Go crawl back under your rock...

If you're looking for privacy in this day and age...here's my advice to you:

Become a hermit...sell your home, your car, your computer, your phone and go back to living under the rock you probably belong under (or came from). At least delete your Facebook account, cuz you haven't got a clue what you're complaining about...

But that's just my opinion...take it for what it is and live your life the way you'd like, just don't expect me to keep you around if you have nothing better to do than complain about your privacy.

It's usually not like me to go off on a rant, kinda felt good doing so! Today's rant against privacy pushers is now over...feel free share with anyone you'd like ;)

P.S. My wife has just informed me, to my utter dismay, that I have actually gone to jail twice in my lifetime, once for a night, another for a couple hours. She emphasizes that it had nothing to do with her, or even for anything that I did, but does have everything to do with my previous marriage to a felon of an ex-wife and her shenanigans! I seem to have combined the two events into one in my memory! We both got a laugh out of that one!

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pinkheather Premium
All I have to say is AMEN! If you don't want people to know.... Don't put it o the Internet!
LelandBest Premium
Straight and to the point...my sentiments exactly!
Darwyn Premium
Hey Leyland, I actually enjoyed your rant. I think half the time people are either uneducated about it or simply naive? Thanks for sharing your rant/thoughts.

PS. Why did I receive this post? How did you get my email address? ;))

LelandBest Premium
Lol, must be referring to those that enter their email then hit you as spam with your autoresponder service?!
TonyRyan Premium
I do enjoy a good rant.
LelandBest Premium
Thanks Tony, happy you enjoyed it!
Mark1957 Premium
Too right Leland,

There are certain things we can rightly claim should remain private and secret like our medical or banking details, but there again we don't post them on social media (well I hope we don't anyway), but anything else is more or less fair game isn't it?

If it's out there, it's out there surely?

LelandBest Premium
It's pretty amazing what you can surmise about someone with a few good searches!
TJamil Premium
Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.
LelandBest Premium
You're more than welcome...