Are you stuck for content ideas?

Last Update: June 27, 2015

I was just taking a break from writing and writing and decided to spend an hour looking at training that has been created by fellow members.

One place I always know I'll be sure to learn something new is from Jay (magistudios) who hosts the Friday webinars here at WA.

I came across a fairly recent video (webinar recording) from Jay titled 'Content Topic Brain Dump'.

I've been thinking lately about putting together a long term content action plan but hadn't got around to doing it, until now that is.

Before I had reached the end of the video, I had a spreadsheet packed full of ideas for content that's going to keep me busy for the next 6 months at least!

For anyone struggling with ideas for your Niche I highly recommend taking an hour to watch Jay's fantastic training.


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dickw Premium
Hi Lee,
You are right. Jay's video on the brain dump is invaluable as are all of his trainings. Thanks for pointing it out....Dick
Maxiam59 Premium
thank you for the advice Jay is really a great teacher and source of great Ideals all the best
JeanL Premium
That is a very good webinar!
Larry_T Premium
Jay always has great training.
stephhill Premium
Jay offers good training on many topics.....Thank you for the recommendation on the content idea training. I'll have to do that.