Why you should forget Facebook

Last Update: May 11, 2014
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tommydillard Premium
I feel eventually Facebook is going to start charging for the Facebook pages so beware
Freedomseekr Premium
Very interesting reading. I'm not much of a FB fan myself and haven't bothered to make a fan page there yet, since I've realized they've changed things so much there. Maybe we need to look elsewhere, it sure gives something to think about.
Thanks for sharing such great info, Lee!
Best wishes :)
Internetgranny Premium
Thank you, Lee. There are quite a few people here on WA chasing their first 30 'Likes' in order to do something or other on FB.

I am not much of a FB user and didn't really want to get more involved with it, so it's good to know I won't be missing out and would in fact be starting something as other people are leaving.

Reading the comments was interesting too. Appreciate you sharing this. Many thanks.
Bunn Premium
Thanks, Lee. Copied/pasted...went to print - out of ink. Very good info. It lead me to other Facebook articles along the same line.
graycarrot Premium
Thanks, Lee. Interesting article indeed, particularly for those of us considering advertising on FB.