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Hi everyone… After several months of internet searching I believe this is the place I need to be to work at home and have the opportunity to generate income.

I retired after more than 45 years in the medical industry; Navy corpsman/pharmacist, medical sales and sales management. For many of us retirement in today’s world all but demands we continue to learn and earn. With no IM experience I have a lot to learn. Mental challenge with monetary reward is a win/win situation. I hope to learn from all of you and, in time, be a contributor to the success of others.

The words of optimist W. Clement Stone seem to fit our need for positive thinking:

“If you employed study, thinking, and planning time daily, you could develop and use the power that can change the course of your destiny.”

Old words, old dog, new challenge…:)
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kipper30 Premium
Hi, and thanks so much for the follow. May we all have much success in our endeavors with affiliate marketing.
Hello Gray, thank you for the return follow, which is great for building our helping team here on WA. Wishing you all the best luck on your all new ventures!
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, many thanks for the follow and good luck in all your ventures!
graycarrot Premium
You're welcome. I wish you great success in perfecting your skills in Internet marketing and building strong relationships within the WA community.
DavidArturo Premium
hey graycarrot, many thanks for your kind words and I wish you the same too!
mama2karsten Premium
Hello Graycarrot... you'll be glad to know, Many old dogs have learned many new tricks here and have been handsomely rewarded as a result :) I see you've been here since 2009, so I am assuming you left and came back as many before you have done as well.
If that is the case, you will find WA has probably changed a lot since 09. I my opinion,
Wealthy Affiliate is like a constantly evolving, growing organism… It's a place where the growth and the learning never stops. The learning never stops because technology is constantly evolving and Internet Marketing never stands still… If you are here to get rich quick, you are at the wrong place. If you are here to learn how to build, grow, evolve and succeed as an online business, ethically… you are at the right place. There are no magic beans to plant or get rich quick schemes here… just total focus on the correct steps it takes to build a successful online business. We are very happy to have you here and WELCOME to Wealthy Affiliate.

It all starts at the top with the guidance of the Founders (Kyle and Carson) They are very active here and are more than willing to help you when you need it. (you can often find them in live chat most days.) They also provide excellent guidance and wonderful training. Jay (Magistudios) is also another one that is very helpful... and does many WAbinars that are always filled with great up to date information. You'll also find yourself surrounded by 1000's of members (old and new) that want to see you succeed… Do not be afraid to ask questions. if you need help… members are more than happy to help you find solutions and share knowledge. Post your questions in live chat (from your dashboard), post right here in your own space or "private message" someone you think could likely help you find a solution, but be patient. Here is my advice to you..."When in doubt, give us a shout!"

So, my Novice friend... you see there is much to learn! Come on.. Dive in! Thank You for following me and I look forward to seeing you create success for yourself in the coming months. Julie
graycarrot Premium
Hi Julie, thanks for the comments. I have been around WA for a while. Actually have a website that gets some traffic daily and am trying to monitize the site. Became discouraged about six months after joining WA, lured away by several "shinny objects".
I maintained membership but lost direction. Back on track now and plan to take the certification course and/or join the classroom project.

Memo to self; must stay actively involved with the WA community.

I look forward to watching your successes. Thanks again.
mrbill74 Premium
Welcome, Carrot, and thanks for the follow! I like your positive attitude and willingness to help others. Your timing is impeccable--I read an article tonight about mental challenges that you might find interesting. Check out bettermental.org for some insightful observations on the human mind and the limitless potential it holds.
graycarrot Premium
Mr. Bill, thank you for your comments and the article reference...interesting reading. I like your wit and look forward to reading more of your posts.