I'm a Blogger. No Really . I Am!


I'm a Blogger. No Really ... I Am!

Many have come here to Wealthy Affiliate, primarily, to learn how to earn a living online.

I came here to learn how to become a blogger. I'd love to make money online blogging. I truly believe that I will ... eventually.

But I'm not focused on it. I'm focused on finding my voice and audience through my blog. I've had a few people comment that they don't know what my niche is.

First and foremost, I blog about personal finance. I'm registered in the Rockstar Finance directory as a lifestyle finance blogger ... whatever that means, but I like it.

I also blog about personal development, because I believe it goes hand-in-hand with making money.

I throw in a little health, fitness, and other life-topics too. If you follow a lot of blogs, like I do and have for the last few years, many of them actually do the same thing. They pick a seemingly narrow niche. As their blogs grow, they write about family, life events, food, etc...

Bloggers connect with their audiences by sharing their stories. They build on-line relationships and have other bloggers follow them.

I Am Neither an Expert, Nor Do I Claim To Be

I have commented and helped people the best way I know how. I read a lot of blogs, so I know what good content is.

If you write a good blog post or review, I'll enjoy it.

If you write a fake review, I'll sense it.

The feedback I provide you is not from the perspective of an expert online affiliate marketer. My feedback is from the perspective of a consumer of content and of products.

I've written a lot of blog posts with specific goals in mind. If you've read them, I think you'll see that they weren't one paragraph rants or declarations, for the most part anyway. I actually tried to provide value to you, but at the same time I had ulterior motives. I wrote every one of them, except the first, to help me learn, test, and refine:

  • titles
  • headlines
  • topics
  • images
  • engagement

This is not an all-inclusive list, but you, my Wealthy Affiliates, were my guinea pig...

And I sincerely thank you, because now I'm very comfortable with my writing style, content, and am finding my voice.

Slow But Steady Growth

I don't have any data before July 2, because I wanted to create several posts before I started promoting my blog. There's nothing worse than clicking on a new blog to find things in shambles if you're a reader (not a Wealthy Affiliate). ;)

I tried starting several blogs years ago, but I kept getting frustrated by my themes not being right. I knew I was supposed to do things like comment on others' blogs, post to social media, share content, retweet, like, etc...

Eventually, I quit, especially since I had just retired from the military and was transitioning into my current job as SAP Trainer.

For the majority who don't know what SAP is, it's very complex business software that many large companies use to integrate many or all of their business processes into one system.

I had to learn it and all the lessons in a matter of months and then teach it. I was busy, but I used my job as an excuse to stop my online presence.

New Goals for July

I've written a post before about setting goals, but they weren't necessarily the right ones. This is what we're supposed to do. Set goals, take massive action, evaluate our goals and what we've accomplished, then readjust our goals.

I'm not really sure what I should be pushing for, but I'm going to set some numbers so I have something to push for.

  1. Increase my Instagram following from 11 (yeah...) to 500.
  2. Increase my Twitter following from 7 (I know, I know...) to 500.
  3. Increase my Pinterest following from # (I have no clue...) to 500.
  4. Write one epic post on Medium.com to test this as a traffic source.
  5. Write one epic post on Linkedin.com. This is tough, because (I believe) my post has to be helpful to the workforce and jobseekers. My professional reputation is on the line, so it's got to be really good. My next job is at stake.
  6. Integrate all social media into Buffer or Hootsuite. I haven't picked one yet. HELP?
  7. Write five blog posts per week and publish four per week.

I don't care about ranking right now. I don't care about referrals or commissions. I might have created two or three Amazon Affiliate links. I have applied for one company I'd love to promote at CJ Affiliates. My application is still pending. If that does get approved, I'll display that in the side bar.

Thank You Wealthy Affiliate Community

I've already accomplished what I've set out to do. I'm an actual blogger now and have a growing audience with some email subscribers, too! Everything else after this is gravy, because I've discovered that I love to write and create.

Thank you, Wealthy Affiliate community, because I might not have pursued this if it weren't for this platform and the support you've provided and continue to provide every day.

Yours in health, wealth, and life!

Founder of learntobegreat.com

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good post


You are welcome, Darren! But I have to say thanks you to you too. You are one of those person, who make WA what WA is: A great community!

LOL. Thanks Eric! Ditto.

Thanks for the inspiration. Does blogging follow a series of development in thoughts or anything good article?

Let me see if I understand your question. Since I focus on personal finance first, I'll use that as an example. A personal finance blogger will typically post about how to invest in stocks, bonds, dividend stocks, real estate, etc...

The most successful ones do this around their lives and make the blog posts very personal. We may be able to do a review of a credit card we use that also has affiliate links. In that respect, it's very similar to what we may do here.

A lot of bloggers like to post income reports or traffic reports. The key is connecting with a like-minded audience and sharing your experiences as they relate to the theme of your website.

You've got it right Darren and thank you for your response.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. It was inspirational to this newbie.


Hi Camber,
I'm going to keep posting stuff like this monthly. Please remember that I'm taking a different approach than most. I plan on building an audience so that I can get enough traffic to qualify for some more discerning affiliate programs that are more in line with my website. Eventually, I'll venture out into doing niche sites, ecommerce, etc... for fun.

I look forward to reading you upcoming posts monthly.


Hi Darren, a really good post. Irv.

Thanks Irv.

I like your blog. You are wise to set goals. You have self confidence which comes across in the narrative.

Thank you. I appreciate it!

Super post, Darren! Keep going!

Thanks Kristin!

Good show, Darren

Thanks James!

What an awesome inspirational post!! :) I LOVED it! :) Keep blogging, and I'll keep reading! :)

Thanks Terry! Do let me know when something I write is sub-par. I mean it. I can handle it...really...

I will! But I'm very gentle with criticism..just to let you know! :)

A truly great blogging forum here Darren!

I totally agree! I think our blogging forum makes me better so that I create better blog posts for my site.

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