Just Upgraded to Yearly

Last Update: March 02, 2015

Well I made the plunge and upgraded to yearly membership and am so glad I did. First of all I like saving money; over $200 a year in savings, not bad. Second of all I have never been quick at anything in my life. I put a lot of work into everything I do and stick with things but it takes me awhile to get things done. With the yearly membership it gives me both savings and time. That's a win win situation.

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scottdogg187 Premium
This is so awesome Leann!

Congrats on upgrading to yearly and making a long term commitment to your success online. Not only have you saved over $200 but you have also unlocked many other benefits as well.

You can achieve a whole lot in a year's time and I was actually able to go full time in less than a year. Read more about that here I know that you can do the same thing Leann if you work hard at this and dedicate yourself to the training and ask questions when you have them.

I really am looking forward to working with you in the year ahead and helping you reach your goals.

Your Friend, Scott
danbarth87 Premium
A win-win situation indeed!
That's awesome. Looking forward to a great year ahead for you!
floridajf Premium
That is so awesome Leann! I am still trying to accomplish this myself, hopefully next month I will be able to go yearly. You are definitely right about saving yourself a lot of money. It is definitely worth every cent :) Congrats! Sounds like you are really loving WA. I know I am. :D
LeannL Premium
Yes I am loving WA. I see a lot of opportunities out there that are legitimate business opportunities, but they lack real support or are only supportive to a elect few. I am not a person that needs someone to do everything for me, but when I get stuck on something I like that tow truck support to help pull you out of the mud. I think WA does that. Thanks for the comment floridajf.