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So, you want to learn Affiliate Marketing, and how you can start making money online, but aren't sure how to go about it right?

To make it even more confusing there is a ton of conflicting information out there where one "expert" directly contradicts another.

It's enough to drive you mad - or at least make you want to give up and quit before you ever even get started.

Before we go any further lets get right to the point - the best way for YOU to learn affiliate marketing is to find a legitimate and honest training provider and then take their courses and take ACTION with the information you receive.

So the best way for you is whatever way that will actually get you to take action.

I know that's probably not as specific as you were hoping - so how about this;

The answer you are looking for is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are already a member - Great - and congratulations!

You are in the right place.

For anyone else who may be reading this go to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for a FREE membership and go ahead and start learning all about affiliate marketing from what I believe is the best source available anywhere at any price.

Wealthy Affiliate is without a doubt a legit and valuable source of information - and I have yet to find anything anywhere at any price that comes anywhere near even close.

Best of all you can even start TODAY totally for FREE.

Want more info?

Then keep reading and I will try to give you more information to consider.

Yet Lack of Information is NOT the Problem...

If anything, it's almost the opposite - too much information - and conflicting information which all leads to confusion.

What most people need is a clear path or course of action to follow.

Tens of thousands of posts, articles and videos exist already and more are being uploaded every single day.

Thousands of books, online courses and other such resources are available to you right this very second - and most of the books are under $20 and many ebooks or under $3 even. Some are even free!

Countless tutorials are readily available now - all FREE - on YouTube, and more are being uploaded every hour of every day.

There are also all kinds of memberships and mastery courses you can join. Some are free, some are a few bucks a month - some are hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars per year - and the value and quality of the information is not always directly related to the price either!

It can be overwhelming.

So much so that many people wanting to get started never take any serious action at all, and if they do, even then they often burnout and quit within a few days to a few months.

To help decide on a training platform you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Does the Training Work? - The First Major Consideration for Learning Affiliate Marketing

No matter which source of information you choose - the key is finding information and training that actually works and produces results for those who choose to use it.

There are many claims about one program over another - and sadly not all such information is accurate or true. The old term "Caveat Emptor" definitely applies here!

Buyer Beware...

Luckily for you there are ways you can help figure it out for yourself.

For starters - who is the founder, author, creator, instructor, coach, mentor that is providing the information?

FIRST RED FLAG - Anytime you can not quickly and easily figure out who is behind a training program or system - you should be concerned. A good program will tell you who created it and something about them, just like Wealthy Affiliate does.

At a glance you know the founders and key people behind Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson. You can read all about them if you like.

Other programs are vague or evasive as to who is running the show - and good luck trying to get a response from a real person.

SECOND RED FLAG - No credible evidence others are actually using it and getting results. If a course, membership or training has been around for a while and is any good you should be able to find other people who are writing reviews and discussing their own experiences with it. If the only place you see that is on their sales pages and even then there are no identifiable real people with their own separate sites and platforms for you to review - then you should consider such reviews and testimonials are probably fake - and at the very least suspect.

THIRD RED FLAG - Making big promises of fast and easy money for complete beginners with no knowledge, skills or experience. The truth is money is possible - and even big money (excess of $10,000 per month and more) BUT... the hard cold reality is that roughly 95% of people attempting Affiliate Marketing will make less than $10 per month if even that within 90 to 180 days of starting. Many make absolutely nothing at all for months, or even years. Yet some do exceptionally well and do begin making some money quickly, and a few even grow that to considerable amounts within weeks or months. So yes it is possible - and yes some people do successfully do it with good information, training, support and a ton of hard work - BUT once again - that is simply not reality for the vast majority of people even when they do have good training and they do put in the time and the work that is required. For them (most people) it takes a long term approach, beginning with learning, then earning a little and then a little more that begins to accumulate and compound over time. The longer they stick with it and the more "digital real estate" they build the more their income grows. Anyone who puts in the work and the time will eventually make money... but how much and how long it will take depend on many variables. The biggest variable is you.

FOURTH RED FLAG - Huge upfront cost with no free trial, yet again targeting beginners! That is a deceptive, dishonest and scammy tactic practiced by very good marketers who are very bad people! They do NOT care at all about you or your success - all they care about is extracting as much of your cash as they possibly can in exchange for as little as possible. Not good - but it happens every day. Now if you have more money than you need (LOL) and don't care if you lose it - then by all means, try some high ticket big promises programs if you like. It's your money and your time. Good luck! But for everyone else - and especially for hardworking people who can not financially afford to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars - stay away from high ticket programs when you are a complete beginner! You do not yet know what you don't know - and you are about to get ripped off 99.9% of the time...and the truth is you do not need to spend big money to begin learning the basics and finding out if you even like this business or not. So why not start for FREE by joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Choose Your Own Course, Build a Better Life

You are in charge of your own life.

If you want a better life you need to be willing to learn new things, and do different things than what you have been doing if you want to do better.

The absolute truth is that you can make money online - but how much and how fast is determined by many different factors.

You should also know that in most cases it is going to take plenty of hard work and as already mentioned, some time too, before you can expect to begin to see significant results.

It is also true some people learn faster than others, choose better training and support systems and are just driven to do better faster - and sometimes they do. Some people are willing to be almost fanatical they want it so bad and will spend 10 hours or more per day working on their business.

But for everyone of those very few - there are tens of thousands who are going to need more time to get to the point of making meaningful income online from any source, including affiliate marketing too.

People have responsibilities sometimes that make it impractical or even impossible to put in that kind of time and effort. They have jobs, families and other responsibilities and other interests in life too.

It doesn't have to be a speed contest.

Your journey is your own and you should enjoy the journey as well as make progress - because your life is today.

Yet at the same time you will need to commit at least some time - even if its just an hour a day a few times a week or a few hours on the weekend - what ever it is - ideally it needs to be scheduled and consistent.

If you do that then you will make progress, and I can guarantee you that much.

The question now is do you think affiliate marketing is the right choice for you?

If it is - are you willing to take your business seriously and are you ready to get started now?

I don't know.

That you will have to decide for yourself - but if you do decide to start learning affiliate marketing and start building your own business - I believe that there is no better place to find out what you really need to know than inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Already a member? Share your experiences, thoughts and opinions below to help others!

If you are NOT a member yet, then what are you waiting for?

Become a member today and come join us now!

Thanks for reading, and I wish you all the best in all you do in your work, your business and your life.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

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Thank you for being so honest. I haven’t been with WA but about two months and I have already joined. I feel God lead me here because I had been researching for over a year something to make money on line. I was reading a review on this other affiliate guy when I seen ad for WA and paid 19.00 to find out what it was all about and now I’m here. Have a great week.

Thank you - a great post.

Honest & helpful advice, with the excellent training here at WA.
Four RED flags One can build a better life.

One can ask questions of the community here, & in addition the creators of this platform - Kyle & Carson whom are active & assist the members.


Very honest post. In terms of value it is one of the best options if not the best.

I have taken action everyday since I joined WA and I can't say that for everything I have paid for over the years. Of course there are variables in success, but follow this path and its ups your odds considerably in your favour. The missing bit of course as you say - is you and that is up to ... yes you!

A great read, Phil

I wish I have read your post 3 years ago but at least I am here now. What I have learnt since then wasn't completely wasted but it could have been better!

One of the best post I have read in a while. Fantastic job with being so upfront about our business.


Thanks Rick, I do appreciate that!

my pleasure

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