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Last Update: May 29, 2015

Since my last post got curtailed as a spam. I decided to delete it. I like spam postings just as much as the some people like sardines with mango ice cream.

The site did well enough over the past week that I'm upgrading it to a new server and layout. Expanding the capability while including a lot more features. The link no longer works if you book marked it.

The other two sites will also be undergoing an overhaul to expand on their systems as well. Those sites are down as well. Simply put, you need a server that can handle large amounts of traffic, and data exchange.

Here is what I have learned, tested, and implemented.
1. You don't need a full blown site with lots of links and pages.
2. Keep the design simple.
3. Four pages are enough to get sales. You don't want to overload your customers.
4. Keep product choices to a minimum. One or two is all you need - 1 problem, 1 solution.
5. Design the site around the product.
6. Capture the customers name and email. If they bought once from you and were satisfied, they have an increased chance of buying again.
7. Use three to four different marketing strategies. More just gets too complex and you lose focus/sales. Email, Affiliate, Own Product imbedded links, Video are what I use.
8. Simple checkout process.

By using the above system the sites I have developed turn a pretty good steady income stream. I have another strategy I'm going to implement rather soon to replace my imbedded links. Cost is minimal (under $10) with a high return factor.

Here's a request:
I'm asking for a few volunteers to test my site when I finish setting it up. There will be a component that requires membership. For those who are interested get with me and I set an account for you at no cost. All I ask is that you provide me with what works and what doesn't work for you. Dead links, spell checks, non-functioning downloads or uploads, non-functioning customizations, etc.

I'm limiting this to 10 people. No money involved, ever - completely free.

I hope that doesn't equal spam. I didn't include a web-address.

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Osteo Premium
I'm interested
native33 Premium
I'll be happy to test your site as well.
LCJohn Premium
I'll send a pm with details. Thanks for the help.
Robyno Premium
I am happy to test your site, let me know if you require me.

LCJohn Premium
I'll send you a pm with details. Thank you appreciate the help.