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Since my last post got curtailed as a spam. I decided to delete it. I like spam postings just as much as the some people like sardines with mango ice cream.The site did well enough over the past week that I'm upgrading it to a new server and layout. Expanding the capability while including a lot more features. The link no longer works if you book marked it.The other two sites will also be undergoing an overhaul to expand on their systems as well. Those sites are down as well. Simply put, you nee
I thought that before my final day I would let people see what I've been up to. Here is one of my sites: [edit 5/29/15 - site taken down for server upgrade]It's simple and only has two pages, but it works like magic. I have another that is finishing the final testing and should be up late tonight.Take a look, study it, ask questions.
Things have been rock'in for me over the past several month. I got caught with work. Then I started looking at what I was doing, which led me to develop a system that catapulted me to start really earning on the web. It started off a few bucks a day, then three figures, then four. I haven't hit the mystical five figures yet - but I'm close.Here's the secret - There is no secret. I took what I learned here, tweaked it, then turned it around 180 degree's.As of now I really don't require WA anymore
I have mentioned in past posts about the importance of having a mobile optimized version of your Website. Some of you may have already started working on that. At the same time some of you may be waiting for the right time to move to a mobile friendly theme. Well, let me tell you that you should not be waiting any longer. The Google team announced back in November the launch of a new label in search results which will show if a webpage is mobile optimized or not. This will undoubtedly have an a
January 03, 2015
It never fails, you log on to Facebook or your website. Your wall or comment area, as usual, is filled with new posts. People you hardly know have found their way on your friend list. The comments on your site posts are filled with spam or are totally irrelevant to the post itself. Yet, one thing is common. Nearly 80% of these updates and comments are photos, opinions, videos, and links of people pretending to be someone they are not. All of them wanting to create a perception that they are hap
If you read my Website Rank Secrets then you will be familiar with this tip. If you have a YouTube video, and it's not pulling traffic you can use the same exact techniques to pull up your ranking. Go to Google and type in your keyword/phrase Right behind the phrase type or paste your video URL Click on the your video link and watch the video. Get everyone you know to do the same. So, if I had a video on widget building and it wasn't ranking. I would type the following into Google. widget build
December 31, 2014
A lot of people liked my "Secrets" blog that I posted. Here is yet another way to get traffic and ranks with the search engines. This works with just about any niche you can imagine. It takes more work - but that also means quality traffic. This is the--Find And Pull Method This is perhaps one of the (if not the) easiest ways to bring traffic to your blog or site. All you have to do is find popular blogs in your niche and bring the already existing traffic back to you! Sounds easy right? Well i
We all want to get to the top of the search engines. That #1 or #2 position could mean the difference between fortune or failure. We do out best but sometimes our best just misses the mark by a few inches. Well, I'm about impart upon you some of secrets that I hold that can unleash some very powerful ranking. Now, if you haven't read some of my other posts I encourage you to do so. Some of those blogs show how I discovered these "secrets" that can lead to huge ranking jumps. Go and read those n
Over the past several years, a number of misconceptions have emerged about how the search engines operate. For the beginner SEO, this causes confusion about what's required to perform effectively. So, I'm going to explain the real story behind the myths. In the late 1990's, search engines had "submission" forms that were part of the optimization process. Webmasters & site owners would tag their sites & pages with keyword information, and "submit" them to the engines. Soon after submissi
December 23, 2014
Domain names are the cornerstone of the internet. As the primary source of internet navigation, without domain names, your customers couldn’t get around and wouldn’t know how to find you. Also, domain names form part of a company’s identity and branding. Yet many people make mistakes every day that can be extremely costly by not considering their domain name strategy carefully enough. A web design error can be fixed. Software applications can be updated. But some domain name mi