Where My Religious Website Stands Today

Last Update: September 26, 2013

I have created a website that I am pleased so far. I would say it is pretty much done for the exceptions of minor tweaking that is going to take place as my training progresses. I have had experience before creating a website through Wordpress but gotten rid of it because it was so competitive. Not to mention the fact, I did not make any money from it.

What I am most proud of is type of niche I had chosen. It is not very popular due to the fact it is a religious website where I promote gifts, products and supplies. I want to spread my faith unto others to hopefully enrich others of their faith. This is the main purpose of my website, to help educate the teachings of the faith.

My plans and goals in the next upcoming three months is to increase traffic to my website. I had just finished level 2 of the training and hope to gain more knowledge in achieving a successful website. All I want is to have more visitors to my website than I am getting now. If I see a steady improvement on site visitors in three months, then I will be happy.

My plans and goals in the upcoming six months is to have double the amount of site visitors to my website. Then I can say that I am heading in the right direction of how things are running. Anyone interested in religious gifts, products or supplies, you can go to www.catholicnetproducts.com. I have already wrote 3 articles if you are interested. Most of all, what is more important to me, is an honest feedback of my website. I would ever be so grateful by letting me know what you think.

One final note: I have gotten training before, but nothing is compared to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you.

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acoolmil Premium
Your website looks so professional Lisa, it is also in a niche that has world wide appeal and may be under represented on the internet.
nancykaye Premium
Thank you for following. I'm not a Catholic but I respect your religion and your desire to use your products to make it beautiful for others. So far it looks very good. Keep creating it. Constant creation keeps everything alive.
lcadataentry Premium
Thank you for the comment Annie!! And you are right when I said I was done. Thank you and God Bless! Lisa
AnnieB Premium
Your site looks very professional, Lisa. I love the images that you have used and yes it is a unique niche. As BIS has already commented, you are never really every done. To keep google interested in it, you will need to add a blog/post around once a week. At the least, maybe change a picture or headers around somewhat. If you don't it looks like an inactive site. That's the last thing you want, or you will drop further and further down the search pages. Mean google making us work more :)
BIS Premium
Well done for getting your site off the ground. You wanted people to have a look - so I have and these my thoughts

1. You're not done! You said that apart from a little tweaking 'your done' - but I promise you're not. If you want to keep the site moving up the rankings and attract repeat readers (eg customers) then you will need to keep adding content. I'm sure there are many more topics you could write about Catholicism.

2. Put some captions on the pictures on your posts. People look at headlines, pictures and captions before anything else. You don't want to miss the opportunity of capturing their attention.

Good luck

lcadataentry Premium
Thank you Beverly, your thoughts are worthy! Take care, Lisa